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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Hawai`i County <br />Workforce Development Board <br /> <br />Draft Summary Minutes <br />June 26, 2019 <br /> <br /> <br /> Members Present Absent and Excused <br /> David DeLuz, Jr. – Chair Kevin Balog <br /> Tricia Buskirk Ann Ebesuno <br /> Jeracah Lawless Derek Inaba <br /> George Martin Diane Ley <br /> Chad Okinaka Chris Manfredi <br /> Jieyu Shepard <br /> Rachel Solemsaas – arrived at 11:45 <br /> Mel Arai – Proxy for Elaine Young <br /> <br /> Staff Members Present Members of the Public <br /> Chasity DeVera Kathy Perry – Unemployment Insurance <br /> Sandra Goodale <br /> Neil Gyotoku <br /> Malia Hall, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> <br /> <br />Deputy Corporation Counsel Malia Hall advised the group that due to Sunshine Law we would be unable to call the <br />meeting to order or proceed with any action items until quorum was met. Staff attempted to contact the remaining <br />expected members. One was off island was unable to secure a proxy and the other would be arriving late. Chair David <br />DeLuz, Jr. and Housing Administrator Neil Gyotoku decided to commence with the Orientation portion of the agenda. <br />Introductions were made. <br /> <br />New Business <br /> 3. Orientation – Presented by Allicyn Tasaka and Jeanne Ohta of the Workforce Development Council (WDC) <br />Allicyn Tasaka, Executive Director gave a presentation on the WDC and WIOA. Topics included: background, <br />organization and makeup of the WDC and WIOA, the State Vision, the purpose of WIOA, its Core Partners and <br />mandatory American Job Center Partners. Board members had a discussion regarding the State Vision “all <br />employers have competitively skilled employees and all residents have sustainable employment and self- <br />sufficiency” is not very realistic. Mel asked what they meant by self-sufficient. Allicyn responded that people <br />should be able to live on the income they earn and not have to work 3 jobs to survive. Several Board <br />Members agreed that it is a good goal but not very realistic due to the cost of living, commuting from Hilo/Puna <br />to Kona for work, rates of pay, etc… Allicyn stated that the Board will need to work on the Local Area Plan for <br />2020-2024 so it would be a good time to come up with a new vision for the Board. <br /> <br />Jeanne Ohta, Special Programs Specialist gave a presentation on the functions of the Local Workforce <br />Development Boards, the role of Board Staff and One-Stop Operator, firewalls and services available through <br />the AJC. She also reviewed PY17 Expenditures and Participants as of April 30, 2019 which showed each <br />program, the amount of funding they receive, the percentage of funds expended, number of participants <br />served and cost per participant. Members discussed discrepancies in the Youth funding report. George stated <br />that multiplying the number of participants by the cost per participant does not come close to the 98% of the <br />total funds reported as being spent. He questioned what happened to the remaining funds. He would like a <br />more in depth report that shows the actual breakdown. Jeanne agreed that there may be errors in the report. <br />David stated that Lillian normally provides a dashboard which shows the breakdown of each program’s <br />spending by program year and is easy to understand. Neil will have these reports available at future meetings. <br /> <br />Malia stated that since we now have quorum and Rachel will need to leave again we should call the meeting to <br />order and move along with the agenda items. <br /> <br />Call to Order <br />Meeting called to order at 12:44 pm. <br />1 <br />7004wcmd <br /> <br />