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Meeting of the <br /> HAWAII COUNTY HOUSING AGENCY <br /> Hilo, Hawaii <br /> April 8, 2020 <br /> Agency Members Present Absent and Excused <br /> Karen Eoff, Chair <br /> (by video from Kona) <br /> Valerie T. Poindexter, Vice-Chair <br /> (by video from Kona) <br /> Aaron Chung <br /> Susan "Sue" L. K. Lee Loy <br /> Ashley Lehualani Kierkiewicz <br /> Matt Kanealii-Kleinfelder <br /> Maile Medeiros David <br /> (by video from Kona) <br /> Rebecca Villegas <br /> (by video from Kona) <br /> Herbert M. "Tim" Richards III, DVM <br /> (by video from Waimea) <br /> Staff Members Present <br /> Duane Hosaka <br /> Amy Bautista <br /> Desiree Moore <br /> Kori Koike Smith <br /> Corporation Counsel Members of the Public <br /> Nancy Cook Lauer <br /> Eoff: Are we ready? Councilmembers? <br /> Kanealii-Kleinfelder: Ready. <br /> Eoff: Ready. Okay. Good morning everybody and you may have to help me out <br /> I can't see Hilo at this time so but can you see us? <br /> Kanealii-Kleinfelder: Yes we can. <br /> Eoff: Okay. I'd like to call the Housing Agency meeting to order. Today is April 8th. <br /> Its nine...ten after nine and we are meeting both in the Hilo chambers and the <br /> Kona chambers today, maybe you can help me out with the attendance here <br /> in Kona I have Councilmembers, Val...l'm sorry...Housing Agency members <br />