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<br />Form DAE-2 <br />ACCOUNTING OF COUNCIL DISTRICT ALLOWANCE EXPENSES <br />Accounting of Council District Allowance Expenses <br />FISCAL YEAR 2015-2016 <br />COUNCIL MEMBER <br />Council District 8 <br />Karen Eoff <br />ENTERED DATE AVAILABLE <br />DESCRIPTIONCOST <br />DATE INCURREDBALANCE <br />7/1/20157/1/2015Total Appropriation for Fiscal Year 2015-16$8,550.00 <br />7/2/20155/19/2015Per Diem: (For Attending HSAC Annual Conference - June 24-26, 2015)-Kahului, Maui$125.00$8,425.00 <br />7/2/20156/23/2015HSAC 2015 Registration for-(Maui Ag Tour - June 25, 2015) - Kahului, Maui$40.00$8,385.00 <br />7/2/20156/30/20158th Annual Municipal Attorney's Training Conference-(August 12-14, 2015)-Hapuna Beach Prince$275.00$8,110.00 <br />7/22/20157/14/2015RICHO toner for desk top printer- (District VIII Staff)$68.72$8,041.28 <br />7/24/20157/23/2015Leis for Certificate Presentation-( July 24, 2015, Council Meeting Day)$18.73$8,022.55 <br />8/28/20157/22/2015Picture Frames for Certificate Presentations$28.03$7,994.52 <br />14 - Picture Frames for Certificate Presentations on - (Saturday, September 5, 2015) - 18th Annual <br />8/31/20158/29/2015$116.38$7,878.14 <br />Daniel R. Sayer Memorial Foundation Event. <br />9/2/20158/3/2015Subscribed 1 - Year Monthly Newsletter from Environment Hawaii$65.00$7,813.14 <br />9/16/20159/15/2015Leis for Certificate Presentation - ( September 16, 2015 - Council Meeting Day)$37.46$7,775.68 <br />Sponsored Lunches for Two Police Officers at the Kona Crime Prevention Officer of the <br />$105.00$7,670.68 <br />10/7/20159/9/2015 <br />Year Award Luncheon & Lunch for Councilmember: Karen Eoff @ $35.00 X 3 = <br />11/2/2015$7,670.68 <br />NO EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER <br />11/18/201511/17/2015$18.73$7,651.95 <br />Leis for Certificate Presentation-(Council Meeting Day- Nov. 17, 2015) <br />1/5/2015NO EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER$7,651.95 <br />1/15/20167/18/2015Cell Phone Reimbursement for July, 2015$75.00$7,576.95 <br />1/15/20168/15/2015Cell Phone Reimbursement for August, 2015$75.00$7,501.95 <br />1/15/20169/16/2015Cell Phone Reimbursement for September, 2015$75.00$7,426.95 <br /> <br />