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<br />Notification <br />Watch Out For Lead-Based Poisoning <br />This property was constructed before 1978. There is a possibility it contains lead-based paint. Please read the following <br />information concerning lead-based poisoning. <br />Sources of Lead Based Paint agency to which you or your landlord scraping or brushing the loose paint <br /> is applying for rehabilitation assistance from the surface, then repainted with <br />The interiors of older homes and so the necessary steps can be taken to two (2) costs of non-leaded paint. <br />apartments often have layers of Test your unit for lead-based paint Instead of scraping and repainting, the <br />lead-based paint on walls, ceilings hazards. If your unit does have lead- surface may be covered with other <br />window sills, doors and door based paint, you may be eligible for material such as wall board, gypsum, <br />frames. Lead-based paint and assistance to abate the hazard. or paneling. Beware that when lead- <br />primers may also have been used based paint is removed by scraping or <br />on outside porches, railings, Precautions to Take to Prevent Lead- sanding, a dust is created, which may <br />garages, fire escapes and lamp Based Paint Poisoning be hazardous. The dust can enter the <br />posts. When the paint chips, body either by breathing it or swallowing <br />flakes or peels off, there may be a You can avoid lead-based paint it. The use of heat paint removers could <br />real danger for babies and young poisoning by performing some preventive create a vapor or fume which may cause <br />children. Children may eat paint maintenance. Look at your walls, ceilings, poisoning if inhaled over a long period of <br />chips or chew on painted railings, door, door frames and window sills. Are time. Whenever possible, the removal of <br />windows sills or other items when there places where the paint is peeling, lead-based paint should take place when <br />parents are not around. Children flaking, chipping, or powdering? If so, there are no children or pregnant women <br />can also ingest lead even if they do there are some things you can do on the premises. Simply painting over <br />not specifically eat paint chips or immediately to protect your child: defective lead-based paint surfaces does <br />dust particles containing lead, they not eliminate the hazard. Remember that <br />may get these particles on their ( a ) Cover all furniture and appliances; you as an adult play a major role in the <br />hands, put their hands into their prevention of lead poisoning. Your actions <br />mouths, and ingest a dangerous ( b ) Get a broom of stiff brush and remove and awareness about the lead problem can <br />amount of lead. all loose pieces of paint from walls, woodwork, make a big difference. <br /> window wells and ceilings; <br />Hazards of Lead-Based Paint Tenant and Homebuyer Responsibilities <br /> ( c ) Sweep up all pieces of paint and plaster <br />Lead poisoning is dangerous- and put them in a paper bag or wrap them in You should immediately notify the <br />especially to children under the age news-paper. Put these packages in the trash management office of the agency through <br />of seven (7). It can eventually cause can. DO NOT BURN THEM. which you are purchasing your home if the <br />mental retardation, blindness and unit has flaking, chipping, powdering or <br />even death. ( d ) Do not leave paint chips on the floor in peeling paint, water leaks from plumbing, <br /> <br /> window wells. Damp mop floors and windows or a defective roof. You should operate <br /> <br />Symptoms of Lead-based Paint sills in and around the work area to remove all with that office’s effort to repair the unit. <br />Poisoning dust and paint particles. Keeping these areas <br /> clear of paint chips, dust and dirt is easy and <br />Has your child been especially ver important; and \[ ___ \] I have received a copy <br /> of the <br />cranky or irritable? Is he or she Notice entitled “Watch <br /> Out for Lead <br />eating normally? Does your child ( e ) Do not allow loose paint to remain within Paint Poisoning” <br />have stomachaches and vomiting. your children’s reach since children may pick <br />Does he or she complain about loose paint off the lower part of the walls. _____________________________ <br />headaches? Is your child unwilling Date <br />to play? These may be signs of lead Homeowner Maintenance and Treatment of <br />poisoning. Many times though, there Lead-Based Paint Hazards _____________________________ <br />are no symptoms at all. Because there Print Full Name <br />are no symptoms does not mean that As a homeowner, you should take the necessary <br />you should not be concerned if you steps to keep your home in good shape. Water _____________________________ <br />believe your child has been exposed to leaks from faulty plumbing, defective roofs and Signature <br />lead-based paint. exterior holes or breaks may admit rain and <br /> dampness into the interior of your home. These <br />Advisability and Availability of Blood conditions damage walls and ceilings and cause <br />Lead Level Screening paint to peel, crack or flake. These conditions <br /> should be corrected immediately. Before <br />If you suspect that your child has <br />eaten chips of paint or someone told <br />you this, you should take your child to <br />the doctor or clinic for testing. If the <br />test shows that your child has an <br />elevated blood level, treatment is <br />available. Contact your doctor or local <br />health department for help or more <br />information. Lead screening and <br />treatment are available through the <br />Medicaid Program for those who are <br />eligible. If your child is identified as <br />having an elevated blood lead level, <br />you should immediately notify the <br />Community Development or other <br />