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<br />. <br />so already) <br />with your lease. <br />ip <br />ich area you are moving <br />(such (suc(such(such <br />the <br />mmm <br />ceiving PHA <br />the <br />e <br />about <br /> <br />s <br />What Happens Next? <br />k <br />rHomeownership <br />ontactingtheontactingontactingthe <br />ormation <br />r <br />or Homeownersh <br />contacting them ccocccoco <br />fo <br />nf <br />yyoyoy <br />infoinf <br />nnn <br />You must notify the initial PHA that you would like to port and to whThe initial PHA will determine if you are eligible to move. For example, the PHA will determine whether you have <br /> moved out of your unit in accordance If eligible to move, the initial PHA will issue you a voucher (if it has not done and send all relevant paperwork to the receiving PHA. If you <br /> are currently assisted, you must give your landlord notice of your intent to vacate in accordance with your lease. <br />o <br />cyoc <br />eeneenene <br />nc <br /> <br />wh <br />W <br />other <br />itial PHA selects the r <br /> <br />SufficiencSufficie <br />y <br />any <br />- <br />details <br />t <br />know how to contact the receiving PHA. <br />elfelf <br />eeee <br />i <br />Self-Sufficiency or Homeownership SSSeSe <br />r <br />you <br />l <br />or <br />yyy <br /> <br />i <br />lyl <br /> give you the contact information for the PHAs m <br />when to contact the receiving PHA. Your case <br />give <br />b <br />rs the HCV program where you wish to move, you <br />out <br />Famil <br />to <br />a <br />a <br />t <br />y request that the in <br />find <br />r <br />to find out more details whento <br />o <br />erates <br />required <br />P <br />op <br />wish <br /> <br />But, <br />not <br />(the <br />is <br />PHAPHAoperatesaFamil <br />w <br />may <br />g <br />Contacting the Receiving PHA <br />o <br />PHAisnotrequiredtogiveyouanyotherinformationaboutthePHA <br />you <br />H <br />but <br />receiving PHA operates a Familyreceivingreceivin <br />initial <br /> they can port. <br />er your assistance in the <br />h <br />t give you enough information so that you <br />t <br />he initial PHA is not required to give you any other information about the heheinitial <br />tt <br />PHAs, <br />. <br />t gave you the voucher <br />er <br />)) <br />her thherh <br />-year <br />wheth <br /> in the Housing Choice Voucher <br />. <br />1. Your case manager will let you know how and manager mus2. If there is more than one PHA that administemay choose the receiving PHA. The initial PHA willthat serve the area. If you <br /> prefer, you mafor you. forGenerally, tGenerally,Generally,receiving PHAs, but you may wish receivingreceivingPHAsbutyoumaywishtofindoutmoredetailswhreceivingPHAs,butyoumaywishtofindoutmoredetailswha <br />s whether the asaswhethertheas whether theprogram).program)program) <br />What is Portability? <br />5190sdlm <br />"Portability"(HCV) program refers to the process through which your family can transfer or "port" your rental subsidy when you move to a location outside the jurisdiction of the public <br /> housing agency (PHA) that firswhen you were selected for the program initial PHA)The agency that will administarea to which you are moving is called the receiving PHA.New families have <br /> to live in the jurisdiction of the initial PHA for a year beforethe initial PHA may allow new families to port during this one <br /> <br /> <br />