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<br />Form DAE-2 <br />ACCOUNTING OF COUNCIL DISTRICT ALLOWANCE EXPENSES <br />Accounting of Council District Allowance Expenses <br />FISCAL YEAR 2016-2017 <br />COUNCIL MEMBER <br />DISTRICT 8 <br /> Karen Eoff <br /> <br />ENTERED DATE AVAILABLE <br />DESCRIPTIONCOST <br />DATE INCURREDBALANCE <br />7/1/20167/1/2016Total Appropriation for Fiscal Year 2016-17$8,550.00 <br />One Night Stay - hilo Hawaiian hotel to Attend Meeting at the Hilo Council Building & Attend Tropic <br />6/16/20166/9/2016$141.77$8,408.23 <br />Care 2016 at Kea'au High School <br />6/20/20166/19/2016Cell Phone Reimbursement for June 2016$75.00$8,333.23 <br />8/2/20168/2/20161 - Year Subscription for Monthly Environmental News Letter$65.00$8,268.23 <br />8/4/20168/4/2016Cell Phone Reimbursement for July 2016$75.00$8,193.23 <br />8/22/20168/22/2016Cartridge ordered from Barbarian USA for Desktop Printer - (District 8 Staff)$65.60$8,127.63 <br />8/26/20168/23/20168 - Frames for Certificiate Presentations - (Sayer Foundation Event - September 3, 2016)$91.25$8,036.38 <br />9/20/20167/21/20162016 NACo Conference Expenses - (Long Beach California)$1,581.66$6,454.72 <br />9/22/20168/15/2016Cell Phone Reimbursement for August 2016$75.00$6,379.72 <br />9/22/20169/6/2016Registration for HPGS 19th Biennial Conference - (Honolulu, Oahu)$415.00$5,964.72 <br />9/22/20169/7/2016R/T Airline Tickets to attend HPGS 19th Biennial Conference - (Honolulu, Oahu)$268.00$5,678.72 <br />9/22/20169/13/2016Per Diem for HPGS 19th Biennial Conference - (Honolulu, Oahu)$102.50$5,576.22 <br />9/27/20169/14/2016Kona Crime Prevention Officer of the Year Luncheon$35.00$5,541.22 <br />10/10/20169/15/2016Cell Phone Reimbursement for September 2016$75.00$5,466.22 <br />11/7/201610/15/2016Cell Phone Reimbursement for October 2016$75.00$5,391.22 <br />11/29/201611/15/2016Expense for: hotel & Rent a Car for HPGS Conference - (Honolulu, Oahu)$251.35$5,139.87 <br />11/30/201611/15/2016Cell Phone Reimbursement for November 2016$75.00$5,064.87 <br /> <br />