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<br />Form DAE-2 <br />ACCOUNTING OF COUNCIL DISTRICT ALLOWANCE EXPENSES <br />Accounting of Council District Allowance Expenses <br />FISCAL YEAR 2017-2018 <br />COUNCIL MEMBER <br />DISTRICT 8 <br />Karen Eoff <br />ENTERED DATE AVAILABLE <br />DESCRIPTIONCOST <br />DATE INCURREDBALANCE <br />7/1/20177/1/17Total Appropriation for Fiscal Year 2017-18$8,550.00 <br />7/3/20176/20/2017Hotel Room for HSAC 2017 Annual Conference - (June 18-20, 2017 - Lihue, Kauai)$451.40$8,098.60 <br />R/T Airfare to Kahului, Maui - (One Day Trip) invited by HMSA to attend a health, well-being <br />7/3/20176/23/2017$321.70$7,776.90 <br />conversation with Oprah Winfrey <br />Celebration Honoring Judge Ronald Ibarra 28 Years of Service to the Judiciary - Maunalani Bay <br />7/3/20176/30/2017$100.00$7,676.90 <br />Hotel - August 12, 2017 <br />7/10/20176/15/2017Cell Phone Reimbursement for June 2017$67.59$7,609.31 <br />7/14/20177/14/2017Cartridge toner for desk top printer - ( Barbarian USA )$68.88$7,540.43 <br />8/7/20177/15/2017Cell Phone Reimbursement for July 2017$67.57$7,472.86 <br />8/9/20178/9/2017Environment Hawaii - 1 Year monthly newsletter subscription$65.00$7,407.86 <br />11 - Picture Frames for Certificate Presentations at 20th Annual Daniel R. Sayre Memorial <br />8/30/20178/30/2017$127.56$7,280.30 <br />Foundation Awards Dinner ( Saturday, September 2, 2017 - Fairmont Orchid) <br />9/27/20179/27/2017Kona Crime Prevention Committee - Officer of the Year Award Luncheon - (Karen Eoff)$35.00$7,245.30 <br />$7,245.30 <br />NO EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER <br />11/1/20178/15/2017$67.57$7,177.73 <br />Cell Phone Reimbursement for August 2017 <br />11/1/20179/15/2017$67.57$7,110.16 <br />Cell Phone Reimbursement for September 2017 <br />11/1/201710/15/2017Cell Phone Reimbursement for October 2017$75.00$7,035.16 <br />11/7/201710/31/2017Welcome Dinner to Honor Special Guest - Gift Basket Exchange (Kona Tahiti Fete- Nov. 3, 2017)$35.94$6,999.22 <br />Welcome Dinner to Honor Special Guest - Bag of Kona Coffee part of Gift Basket Exchange (Kona <br />11/14/201711/1/2017$20.82$6,978.40 <br />Tahiti Fete - November 3, 2017) <br />12/15/201711/15/2017Cell Phone Reimbursement for November 2017$62.17$6,916.23 <br /> <br />