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County of Hawaii <br />Office of Housing and Community Development <br />Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program <br />Preference in Selecting Eligible Families: Applicants and Participants must meet the <br />eligibility requirements for the TBRA Program. Families will be assisted as funding <br />levels will support. Singles (non -elderly, non -disabled) have equal status and <br />preference with all other applicants. <br />All completed applications to the TBRA Program that meet the preference requirement <br />will be processed in the order (date/time) it is received by the OHCD. Only those <br />applications with all required signatures and supporting documentation will be <br />considered complete. <br />Natural Disaster: Displaced by a natural disaster (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) that has <br />caused the unit to be uninhabitable. . The housing unit related to the Natural Disaster <br />must be located on the Island of Hawaii. Displacement must be within no more than six <br />(6) months from the d ate of the certification or verification. <br />An applicant must submit to the OHCD: <br />1. a letter, on agency letterhead, from a Federal, State or County <br />government office certifying that the applicant's housing is <br />uninhabitable due to a natural disaster <br />Victims of Domestic Violence: To qualify for this preference, the family must show: <br />Actual or threatened physical violence directed against the applicant or the applicant's <br />family by a spouse or other household member who lives in the unit with the family. <br />The actual or threatened violence must have occurred within the past twelve (12) <br />months or be of a continuing nature or the family must have been displaced as a result <br />of fleeing the violence in the home or they are currently living in a situation where they <br />are being subjected to or victimized by violence in the home. <br />Applicants must: <br />1. show that they are participating in or have graduated from a State, <br />County or Court -sanctioned domestic violence program; <br />6001sslh <br />2. must provide a completed Domestic Violence Verification form from <br />the authorized State, County or Court -Sanctioned agency or written <br />verification from the court, police records, or physician; <br />3. The applicant must also certify that the perpetrator will not reside <br />with the applicant family without advance written approval from the <br />OHCD. If the OHCD gains information that the perpetrator is <br />residing with the applicant, the housing assistance will be <br />terminated. <br />Updated 09/10/2018 <br />