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Streamlined Annual <br />P Plan <br />(HCV Only PHAs) <br />U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development <br />Office of Public and Indian Housing <br />OMB No. 2577-0226 <br />Expires 02/29/2016 <br />Purpose. The 5 -Year and Annual PHA Plans provide a ready source for interested panics to !Kate basic PHA policies, rules, and requirements concerning <br />the PHA's operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families served by the PHA, and members of the public of the PHA's mission, goals and <br />objectives for serving the needs of low- income, very low- income„and extremely low- income families <br />Applicability. Fonn HUD -50075 -HCV is tobe completed annually by HCV -Only MIAs, PHAs that meet the definition of a Standard PHA, <br />Troubled PHA, High Performer PHA, Small PHA, or Qualified PHA do not need to submit this form. Where applicable, separate Annual <br />PHA Plan forms are available for each of these types of PHAs, <br />Definitions. <br />(1) High -Performer PHA - A PHA that owns or manages more than 550 combined public housing units and housing choice vouchers, and was designated as a <br />high perfonner on both of the most recent Public Fiousing Assessment System (PHAS) and Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) <br />assessments if administering both programs, or PHAS if only administering public housing. <br />(2) Small PHA - A PHA that is not designated as PHAS or SEMAP troubled; or at nsk of being designated as troubled, that owns or manages less than 250 public <br />housing units and any number of vouchers where the total combined units exceeds 550. <br />(3) Housing Choice Voucher (HCP) Only, PHA - A PHA that administers more than 550 FICVs, was not designated as troubled in its most recent SEMAP <br />assessment, and docs not own or manage public housing. <br />(4) Standard PHA- A PHA that owns or manages 250 or more public housing units and any number of vouchers where the total combined units exceeds 550, and <br />that was designated as a standard perfonner in the most recent PHAS and SEMAP assessments <br />(5) Troubled PHA - A PHA that achieves an overall PHAS or SEMAP score of less than 60 percent. <br />(6) Qualified PHA - A PHA with 550 or fewer public housing dwelling units and/or housing choice vouchers combined, and is not PHAS or SEMAP troubled. <br />A. <br />PHA information. <br />PHA Name Hawaii County Housing Agency <br />PHA Man for Fiscal Year Beginning {NIM/YYYY) 1-) /10 <br />219 PHCode H1002 <br />A <br />PHA Inventory (Based on Annual Contributions Contract (ACC') units at time of FY beginning above) <br />Number of !lousing Choice Vouchers (IICVs) ZUbl <br />PHA Plan Submission Type: al Annual Submission <br />0 Revised Annual Submission <br />Availability of Information. In addition to the items listed in this fonn„ PHAs must have the elements listed below readily available to the public. <br />A PHA must identify the specific location(s) where the proposed PHA Plan, PHA Man Elements, and all in fonnation relevant to the public hearing <br />and proposed PHA Plan are available for inspection by the public Additionally, the PFIA must provide information on how the public may <br />reasonably obtain additional information of the PHA policies contained in the standard Annual Plan, but excluded from their streamlined <br />subintssions. At a ininunum, PHAs must post PHA Plans., including updates. at the main office or central office of the PHA. PHAs are strongly <br />encouraged to post complete PHA Mans on their official website The Hawaii County Housing Agency Plan will be available for viewing <br />from March 1 through April 12, 2019 at the following office locations during normal business hours. <br />Hilo 1990 Kinoole Street, Suite 102 <br />Kailua Kona 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy Building B 2nd Floor <br />El PHA Consortia (Check box if submitting a joint Plan and complete table below) <br />Participating PllAs <br />Lead HA, <br />PHA Code <br />Program(s) in the Consortia <br />Program(s) not in the <br />Consortia <br />No. of Units in Each Program <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />form HUD -50075 -HCV (12(2014) <br />