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DISPLACEMENT PLAN <br />Community Development Block Grant <br />HOME Investment Partnerships Program <br />COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />The County of Hawaii, through its Office of Housing and Community <br />Development (OHCD), is required to minimize displacement of persons as <br />a result of activities assisted with the Community Development Block <br />Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program funds. <br />In addition, the OHCD must provide reasonable benefits to any persons <br />involuntarily and permanently displaced as a result of the use of CDBG <br />or HOME funds to acquire, demolish, or rehabilitate property. This <br />requirement applies to all such displacement resulting from CDBG or <br />HOME assisted acquisition, demolition, or rehabilitation of non- <br />residential as well as residential property <br />In order to comply with this requirement, the County must develop a <br />written displacement plan which outlines the approach the County will <br />take to minimize displacement, describes the specific actions the <br />County will take to discourage displacement, defines displacement, and <br />describes the monetary and nonmonetary assistance that will be <br />provided to the displaces. This is to serve as the Plan. <br />To minimize displacement, the OHCD has developed a system to rate <br />potential projects to be funded with CDBG or HOME funds. The rating <br />system is designed, among other things, to select projects with a <br />minimum number of problems. <br />One criteria the OHCD utilizes in rating project proposals is <br />displacement. If no displacement is involved, the project may be <br />assigned the maximum number of points. However, if displacement or <br />relocation is involved, the OHCD requires the applicant to submit a <br />relocation plan that complies with the Uniform Relocation Assistance <br />and Real Property Acquisition Act. If a plan is not submitted, the <br />project proposal is ineligible for funding. The points assigned to <br />the project may be reduced according to the degree of displacement <br />(i.e. whether an alternative location is found for the displacees, <br />etc.). The OHCD ranks all the eligible project proposals and the <br />projects with the highest number of points are then recommended for <br />funding. <br />Any agency or organization utilizing CDBG or HOME funds for <br />acquisition, demolition, and/or rehabilitation causes displacement of <br />persons, then, compliance with the current Federal Uniform Relocation <br />Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act is required. The <br />regulations define displacement, and describe the monetary and <br />nonmonetary assistance that will be provided to the displacees. The <br />County will ensure compliance to the regulations by inserting a <br />provision in the agreement executed between the County and agencies <br />for the use of the CDBG and HOME funds. <br />