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Mauna Kea Cheat Sheet — Bunkhouse FAQ <br />How do I obtain a lodging permit: <br />Groups who would like to rent a bunkhouse overnight at the Mauna Kea Recreation Area may apply for <br />a bunkhouse here: After your group is approved you may purchase your <br />bunkhouse lodging permit. <br />What is considered a Group: <br />Seven (7) or more people who belong to the same organization, association, club, joint venture, trust, <br />partnership, corporation, non-profit or otherwise, organized for a specific purpose. <br />Bunkhouse Information: <br />2 Bunkhouses (24 People capacity) —4 Rooms in 1 Bunkhouse <br />Dining Hall use is only for Bunkhouse permittees <br />Dining Hall hours are from 5:OOam till 10:OOpm <br />Quiet Time is 11:OOpm <br />Normal Park Hours are from 6:OOam till 7:OOpm — Open to the general public <br />If one Bunkhouse if being rented the other Bunkhouse will not be available to be rented <br />Bunkhouse Lodging Permits shall have 4 ADA parking stalls and 23 standard parking stalls during non - <br />park hours <br />Large Vans, Buses, and other Non -Standard vehicles need prior approval from the Director <br />Maximum stay is 6 consecutive nights during the period of January 1 till December 31 <br />Check in is between 3:OOpm and 8:OOpm daily <br />Failure to check in by 8:OOpm will forfeit fees assessed for that night and the use of the Bunkhouse <br />Check out time is 9:OOam — Please drop keys in the designated drop box <br />Fees: <br />Hawaii Resident: $240.00 per night + $250.00 Security Deposit <br />Non -Hawaii Resident: $480.00 per night + $250.00 Security Deposit <br />Security Deposits may be held up to 45 calendar days after checkout date <br />*Please note a $10.00 Fee will apply if the permit is done in the County P&R Office <br />Refunds: <br />ALL Refunds must be made in writing 14 calendar days prior to first occupancy use date <br />