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�JNtY OF N�Y <br /> Harry Kim «: « David Yamamoto,P.E. <br /> Mavor Director <br /> 40 <br /> "> os•N� <br /> Roy Takemoto Allan G.Simeon,P.E. <br /> .'Managing Director '� Deputy Director <br /> County of Hawaii <br /> DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br /> Aupuni Center <br /> 101 Pauahi Street,Suite 7-Hilo,Hawaii 96720-4224 <br /> (808)961-8321 •Fax(808)961-8630 <br /> public <br /> Date: October 12, 2020 <br /> Subject: County of Hawaii Verified Light Fixtures <br /> The State of Hawaii, particularly Hawaii Island is one of the most remote locations in <br /> the world. As such, Hawaii Island provides the world a prime location for ground based <br /> astronomy as well as a unique habitat for wild life. The County of Hawaii is dedicated <br /> to preserving the night sky which can only be accomplished by limiting light pollution <br /> generated during the night time hours. Hawaii County Code, Chapter 14 - Article 9, <br /> General Welfare - Outdoor Lighting ("HCC 14-9") seeks to introduce controls of wave <br /> length distribution that would otherwise adversely affect the astronomy community, <br /> migratory birds and human circadian rhythms. <br /> Pre-approved outdoor lighting is subject to evaluation and compliance with HCC 14-9 <br /> amendments. Outdoor lighting in conformance with HCC 14-9 effective at the time <br /> originally permitted for installation will remain conformant until said outdoor lighting <br /> become inoperable where replacements of inoperable outdoor lighting will be then <br /> subject to requirements of HCC 14-9 as amended and effective at that time. The <br /> County of Hawaii has reviewed and accepted the certification of compliance from the <br /> licensed Electrical Engineer for pre-approved Class II light fixtures for the following <br /> outdoor lighting in fixed mount full below horizontal shielding option only: <br /> E2 Lighting International Inc. / LED Hawaii (808-306-7873): <br /> E2-WPF-XXW-HL-S (wall pack) (24W:5XX5150W) <br /> E2-STXX-HL-S (solar powered area luminaire) (3:5XX:510) <br /> E2-C-XXW-HL-3 (canopy) (20W:5XX580W) <br /> E2-PT-XXW-HL-S (post top area luminaire) (20W<_XX:5100W) <br /> E2-SB-XXW-HL-S (shoebox area luminaire) (24W:5XX:5300W) <br /> E2-SB-XXW-HL-S1 (shoebox parking/area) (24W:5XX:5300W) <br /> E2-SB-XXW-HL-S2 (parking lot) (48W15XX:5300W) <br /> E2-WPF-XXW-HL-S1 (wall pack) (48W<_XX:570W) <br /> Robyn Matsumoto, PE <br /> Acting Building Chief <br /> County of Hawaii is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. <br />