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FIRE BOARD OF APPEALS <br />08/30/10 <br />Purpose: To hear, investigate and determine appeals on the decisions or <br />actions of the Fire Chief in the administration or application of the <br />Fire Code. <br />Authority: Hawaii County Code, Section 26 -6. <br />Appointment: Mayor with Council approval. Normal five year staggered terms. <br />Full Membership: Five members. <br />Specific Representation: None required. <br />Requirements: Members must be qualified by experience and training to vote <br />upon matters pertaining to fire safety and at least one shall be, <br />by training and experience, familiar with building structures and <br />flammable materials. No more than three shall belong officially <br />to same political party. <br />Meetings: As needed, historically, would normally meet third Tuesday of <br />each month in Council Meeting Room, Hilo. <br />Financial Disclosure: Members must file Financial Disclosure within 20 working days <br />of taking office. Thereafter, annual disclosures must be filed on <br />or before January 31. The disclosures are confidential and will <br />be kept on file by the Board of Ethics. County Code, Chapter 2, <br />Section 2 -91.1. <br />Reappointment: No member shall be eligible for a second appointment to the <br />same board prior to expiration of two years, however, members <br />appointed for a term of two years or less shall be eligible to <br />succeed themselves for an additional full term. <br />Qualities: Respected by the community as being community- minded and <br />oriented. Able to focus on the community needs as a whole <br />without catering to special or self- interest. <br />Current Members: Rudy Hart (12/31/2010) <br />Edgar Ombac (12/31/2011) <br />VACANT <br />VACANT <br />VACANT <br />Secretary /Contact Person: Emarie Carvalho <br />961 -8251 <br />Attorney Assigned: Brandon A. K. Gonzalez, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br />*The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate <br />Sections of the County Charter, County Code and /or Hawaii Revised Statutes. <br />