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<br />POLICE COMMISSION <br />(Effective 7-5-17) <br /> <br /> <br />Purpose: Appoints the Police Chief. Reviews the budget prepared by the Police <br />Chief and may make recommendations to the Mayor and Managing <br />Director. Receives, considers, and investigates charges brought by the <br />public against the conduct of the police department or any of its members <br />and submits a written report to the Police Chief. Advises the Police Chief <br />on police-community relations. <br /> <br />Authority: County Charter, Section 7-2.2 and Revised Statutes, Section 52. <br /> <br />Appointment: Appointed by Mayor and confirmed by Council. Five-year staggered terms. <br /> <br />Full Membership: Nine Members. <br /> <br />Representation: One member from each council district. <br /> <br />Requirements: No more than five may belong officially to same political party. <br /> <br />Meetings: Third Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m. alternating between Hilo and Kona. <br /> <br />Financial Disclosure: Members must file a Financial Disclosure <br />County Code. <br /> <br />Reappointment: No member shall be appointed for a second term for at least two years <br />following the expiration of the term unless the appointment was for two <br />years or less. <br /> <br />Qualities: Respected by the community as being community-minded and oriented. <br />as a whole without catering to <br />special or self-interests. <br /> <br />Current Members: District 1, Peter Hendricks, term ends 12/31/18 <br />District 2, Paul Paiva, term ends 12/31/19. <br />District 3, Keith Morioka, term ends 12/31/17 <br />District 4, Wayne De Luz, term ends 12/31/19 <br />District 5, Arthur Buckman, term ends 12/31/18 <br />District 6, Vacant <br />District 7, Jak Hu, term ends 12/31/19 <br />District 8, Carl Carlson, Jr., term ends 12/31/20 <br />District 9, Colleen Pasco, term ends 12/31/21 <br />Contact Person: Josie Pelayo, Secretary. Phone: (808) 932-2950 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Note: Information on this sheet is only a summary. For full information, see appropriate sections <br /> <br />