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<br />COST OF GOVERNMENT COMMISSION <br /> <br />April 2018 <br />Purpose: To study and investigate the organizations and methods of <br />operations of all departments, commissions, boards, offices and <br />other instrumentalities of all branches of the county government <br />and determine what changes, if any, may be desirable to <br />accomplish the policy of the county. Submit a report of its <br />findings and recommendations to the mayor, managing director <br />and council. <br /> <br />Authority: Hawaii County Charter, Article V, Chapter 2. <br /> <br />Appointment: Mayor with Council approval. Commission members are <br />appointed to terms starting one year after the beginning of the <br />term of the mayor, and lasting eleven months. <br /> <br />Full Membership: Nine members <br /> <br />Specific Representation: One member from each council district. <br /> <br />Requirements: No more than five may belong officially to same political party. <br /> <br />Meetings: No specific requirements. <br /> <br />Qualities: Respected by the community as being community-minded and <br />oriented. Able to focus on the community needs as a whole <br />without catering to special or self-interest. <br /> <br />Current Members: Name Council District <br /> Ross E. Birch 1 <br /> Margarita (“DayDay”) L. Hopkins 2 <br /> Jenipher A. Jones 3 <br /> Lenard Allen 4 <br /> Barbara Ann Bongo Arthurs 5 <br /> Harry Lee McIntosh III 6 <br /> Gregory Dale Larson 7 <br /> David A. Buehler 8 <br /> Genevieve Puanani Woo 9 <br /> <br />Secretary/Contact person: Dennis Kauka, Jr. (Office of the Mayor) <br /> 961-8020 <br /> <br />Attorney Assigned: Malia Hall, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> Ronald Kim, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> J Yoshimoto, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> <br /> <br />*The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate Sections of the <br />County Charter, County Code and/or Hawaii Revised Statutes. <br />