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<br /> <br />CULTURAL RESOURCES COMMISSION <br />06/28/2018 <br />Purpose: To advise and assist Federal, State and County government agencies in <br />carrying out their historic preservation responsibilities; to initiate, accept, <br />review and recommend to the State historic preservation officer, historic <br />properties nominations for inclusion on the Hawaiʻi and National registers; <br />to provide design review for projects affecting any building or structure, <br />site or district eligible for listing on the National or Hawaiʻi register of <br />historic places; to maintain a system for the survey, inventory and <br />nomination of historic properties and archaeological sites within the <br />County; and to administer the certified local government program of <br />federal assistance for historic preservation within the County. <br /> <br />Authority: Hawai‘i County Charter, Chapter 2, Article 44. <br /> <br />Appointment: Mayor with Council confirmation. Five year staggered terms. <br /> <br />Full Membership: Nine members. <br /> <br />Specific Representation: Representation shall be from the following professionals and persons with <br />special interest in: architecture, history, archaeology, planning, <br />architectural history, Hawaiian culture, traditional Native Hawaiian burial <br />practices as practiced prior to foreign contact, and ethnic history and <br />culture of Hawaiʻi County. <br /> <br />Requirements: The Commission shall be comprised of members or different areas of the <br />County who possess a knowledge and interest in local area history, and <br />shall include at least one representative selected on the basis of that <br />person’s understanding of the culture, history, burial beliefs, customs, and <br />practices of native Hawaiians. <br /> <br />Meetings: Regular meetings are held at least once a month on either the windward <br />or leeward side of Hawaiʻi Island. Special meetings can be scheduled as <br />needed. <br /> <br />Reappointment: Following the expiration of a term, no member may be reappointed for at <br />least two years. However, members appointed for a term of two years or <br />less shall be eligible to succeed themselves for an additional full term. <br /> <br />Qualities: Commission members should have a demonstrated interest, competence <br />and/or knowledge in historic preservation. <br /> <br />Current Members: Name, Term Expiration (terms expire on December 31 of year indicated) <br /> AKAU, Alex, (2021) <br /> BELL, Geraldine (2022) <br /> CHANG, Deborah, (2018) <br /> DONHAM, Theresa, (2020) <br /> KAMOHOALI‘I, Micah, (2021) <br /> LEE LOY, Pauline Keʻala, (2020) <br /> WADA, Christine, (2019) <br /> <br />Secretary/Contact person: Kim Tanaka, 961-8141 <br /> <br />Attorney Assigned: Amy Self, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> <br />*The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate sections of the <br />Hawaiʻi County Code. <br />