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TABLE OF CONTENTS <br />TITLE 16 <br />CHAPTER 281, HAWAII REVISED STATUTES <br />INTOXICATING LIQUOR <br />PART L GENERAL PROVISIONS <br />§281-1 Definitions <br />§281-2 Excepted articles; penalty <br />§281-3 Illegal manufacture, importation, or sale of liquor <br />§281-4 Liquor consumption on unlicensed premises prohibited, when <br />§281-5 Powdered alcohol <br />PART H. LIQUOR COMMISSIONS <br />§281-11 <br />Licenses, classes <br />County liquor commissions and liquor control adjudication boards; <br />Licenses, temporary <br />§281-32.3 <br />qualifications; compensation <br />§281-11.5 <br />Permits for trade shows or other exhibitions <br />Liquor commission and board attorney <br />§281-12 <br />§281-33.1 <br />Commission and board office <br />§281-13 <br />Repealed <br />Meetings <br />§281-14 <br />Records <br />§281-15 <br />Reports, accounts, audit <br />§281-16 <br />County liquor commission and liquor control adjudication board <br />funds; disposition of realization; payment of expenses <br />§281-17 <br />Jurisdiction and powers <br />§281-17.5 <br />Fees; justified, method of change, limitation <br />§281-18 <br />Repealed <br />§281-19 <br />Hearings, attendance, examinations <br />§281-20 <br />General right of inspection <br />§281-21 <br />Service of subpoenas by investigators, police officers, or other law <br />enforcement officers; witnesses' fees <br />§281-22 <br />Political activities of commission employees <br />PART III. LICENSES AND PERMITS, GENERAL PROVISIONS <br />§281-31 <br />Licenses, classes <br />§281-32 <br />Licenses, temporary <br />§281-32.3 <br />Repealed <br />§281-32.5 <br />Permits for trade shows or other exhibitions <br />§281-33 <br />Special powers, privileges, and rights <br />§281-33.1 <br />Individual permits to receive shipments of liquor <br />§281-33.5 <br />Repealed <br />§281-33.6 <br />Direct shipment of wine by wineries <br />