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BANYAN DRIVE HAWAII REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br /> 10/12/2017 <br /> Purpose: To execute the powers and duties identified in Hawai'i Revised Statutes, <br /> Chapter 53 within the Waiakea Peninsula. Properties to which the powers <br /> apply are identified in Hawai'i County Council Resolution No. 481-16. <br /> Authority: Hawai'i Revised Statutes, Chapter 53; Hawai'i County Council Resolution <br /> No. 481-16 <br /> Appointment: Mayor with Council confirmation. Five year staggered terms. <br /> Full Membership: Five members. <br /> Specific Representation: No more than three of the members shall belong to the same political <br /> party. <br /> Requirements: No member shall hold any elective or other appointive office or position of <br /> the member's county. <br /> Meetings: Meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of the month in Hilo. <br /> Special meetings can be scheduled as needed. <br /> Reappointment: The members shall serve for terms of five years each; provided that upon <br /> the initial appointment of the members of the agency, one members shall <br /> be appointed for a term of one year, the second member for a term of two <br /> years, the third member for a term of three years, the fourth member for a <br /> term of four years and the fifth member for a term of five years. Each <br /> vacancy shall be filled by the appointing power for the remainder of the <br /> unexpired term. Members shall hold over until their respective successors <br /> are appointed and qualify. <br /> Qualities: Members shall be outstanding and public-spirited citizens and shall have <br /> resided in the county for at least three years immediately preceding their <br /> appointment. <br /> Current Members: Name, Term Expiration (terms expire on May 31 of year indicated) <br /> CANNON-EGER, Katherine (2023) <br /> DeLIMA, Brian, (2021) <br /> GADDIS, Nathan (2022) <br /> GOROSPE, Elmer, (2019) <br /> TANIGUCHI, Barry, (2020) <br /> Secretary/Contact person: Kim Tanaka, 961-8141 <br /> Attorney Assigned: Amy Self, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> *The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate sections of the <br /> Hawaii County Code. <br />