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<br /> 04/16/2019 <br />GAME MANAGEMENT ADVISORY COMMISSION <br /> <br /> <br />Purpose: To advise County, State and Federal agencies on matters related to <br /> the preservation of subsistence hunting and fishing, and protecting <br /> traditional and cultural gathering rights. <br /> <br />Authority: Hawai’i County Charter, Section 6-9.3. <br /> <br />Appointment: By the mayor and confirmed by the council in the manner prescribed in <br /> Section 13-4, Hawai’i County Charter. <br /> <br />Full Membership: Nine Members. <br /> <br />Specific Representation: One resident member from each council district established by the <br /> previous redistricting commission. <br /> <br />Requirements: Not more than five of the members shall belong to the same political <br /> party. Hawai’i County Charter, Section 13-4 (f). <br /> <br />Meetings: Meetings are normally held on the third Monday of the month. <br /> <br />Qualities: Respected by the community as being community-minded and <br /> oriented. Able to focus on the community needs as a whole without <br /> catering to special or self-interest. <br /> <br />Current Members: CD <br /> Stanley Mendes, Indep., 12/31/21 1 <br /> Kean Umeda, Indep., 12/31/22 2 <br />James O’Keefe, Rep. 12/31/19 3 <br />Naniloa K. Pogline, Indep.,12/31/20 4 <br />Abraham Antonio, Indep., 12/31/23 5 <br />Grayson Hashida, Indep., 12/31/22 6 <br />Bronsten-Glenn “Kalei” Kossow, Dem., 12/31/21 7 <br />Teresa Nakama, Dem., 12/31/19 8 <br />George Donev, Indep., 12/31/2023 9 <br /> <br /> <br />Secretary/Contact Person: Donna Urban-Higuchi <br /> 323-4444 <br /> <br /> <br />Attorney Assigned: Malia Hall <br /> 961-8251 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />*The Information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate sections of <br />the County Charter, County Code, and Hawai‘i Revised Statutes. <br />