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NORTH KOHALA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN (CDP) ACTION COMMITTEE (AC) <br />Updated: January 2019 <br />Purpose: <br />The purpose of the North Kohala CDP Action Committee is to be a proactive, community- <br />based steward of the Community Development Plan to guide, promote, and ensure plan <br />implementation and updates. <br />Authority: <br />Hawaii County Code, Chapter 16 <br />Full Membership: <br />9 members <br />Specific Representation: <br />Primary residence in the /Planning area of the CDP. <br />Requirements: <br />Commit to a term of up to four years, be willing to attend monthly meetings, invest 6-10 <br />hours of work in-between meetings, organize/attend public meetings, workshops, <br />charrettes, etc., and follow committee rules and operating guidelines. <br />Qualities: <br />Community -minded attitude, deep passion and love for the community, commitment to <br />ensure implementation of the North Kohala CDP, focus should be on team work and <br />collaboration, building public and private partnerships, and be willing and able to work for <br />the greater good of the community. Possess knowledge or skills that will contribute to <br />effective implementation of the North Kohala CDP. <br />Financial Disclosure: <br />Not required. <br />Meetings: <br />Generally one meeting every other month held on the third Monday of the month at the <br />Hisaoka Gym Conference Room, (54-382 Kamehameha Park Road, Kapaau, HI 96755) <br />from 5-7pm. Additional meetings may be necessary as agreed upon. Please visit the <br />CDP website for up to date meeting information. <br />Reappointment: <br />Reappointment shall be in compliance with Hawaii County Code §16-5(b). <br />Current Members: <br />Seat # Committee Member Member Conf. Date Seat Term Expiration <br />1. DIRKS, Kristin (Lehua) 2015-11-03 2019-09-30 <br />2. ELLIOT, Richard L. 2015-11-03 2019-09-30 <br />3. NEY, Benjamin 2015-11-18 2019-09-30 <br />4. HOFFMANN, Steve 2017-11-02 2020-09-30 <br />5. --- --- 2020-09-30 <br />6. COAKLEY, Jeffrey 2017-11-02 2020-09-30 <br />7. CACKLEY, Chris 2018-10-03 2021-09-30 <br />8. OLSON, John 2017-11-02 2021-09-30 <br />9. --- --- 2021-09-30 <br />Contact Information: <br /> <br />LeAna Gloor, North Kohala CDP Planner, <br />Planning Department (808-961-8308) <br /> <br />Attorney Assigned: <br />Amy Self, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br />*The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate Sections of the County <br />Charter, County Code and/or Hawaii Revised Statutes. <br />