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TAX BOARD OF REVIEW <br />10/10/17 <br />Purpose: To hear disputes between a taxpayer and the Real Property <br />Tax Division involving valuations, exemptions, dedications, <br />and other issues regarding the methods to achieve these or <br />application of those methods. <br />Authority: Hawaii County Code, Section 19-96. <br />Appointment: Mayor with Council approval. Normal five year staggered <br />terms. <br />Full Membership: Five (5) members. <br />Specific Representation: None required. <br />Requirements: Must be citizens of State; must have resided in State at least <br />three (3) years; must be resident of County. No employee or <br />officer of County may be appointed. (No more than three <br />members may belong officially to same political party.) <br />Meetings: Normally, two (2) to four (4) meetings per month. Meetings <br />are usually held in Hilo and Kona. Meetings usually extend <br />over a period of four months, July through October, <br />depending upon number of appeals and complaints. <br />Financial Disclosure: Members must file Financial Disclosure forms within 20 <br />working days of taking the oath of office. Thereafter, annual <br />disclosures must be filed on or before January 31. The <br />disclosures are confidential and will be kept on file by the <br />Board of Ethics. County Code, Chapter 2, Section 2-91.1. <br />Reappointment: Per Mayor's discretion. <br />Qualities: Respected by the community as being community -minded <br />and oriented. Able to focus on the community needs as a <br />whole without catering to special or self-interest. <br />Current Members: CD <br />Donald David, 12/31/17 7 <br />Melvin Ventura, 12/31/18 6 <br />Wesley Takai, 12/31/19 2 <br />Emygrace Reinhard, 12/31/20 2 <br />Michael Hughes, 12/31/21 3 <br />Board Clerk/Contact Person: Elizabeth `Nina' Swain <br />961-8764 <br />Attorney Assigned: J Yoshimoto <br />*The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate <br />Sections of the County Charter, County Code and/or Hawaii Revised Statutes. <br />