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A <br />s 1 (1 .- \( <br />n <br />r <br />.1 / <br />N CL) n -, n <br />"Hanami" <br />Viewing of the Flowers <br />in Springtime <br />Various highlights <br />throughout town <br />• ATTRACTIONS • <br />History of Cherry Trees <br />Taiko Drums <br />Japanese Cooking <br />Quilt Show <br />Mochi Tsuki <br />Tea Ceremony <br />Bon Dance <br />Bonsai Exhibit <br />Origami <br />Craft Booths <br />Farmers Markets <br />Cherry Blossom Art Show <br />Entertainment <br />Other Cultural Activities <br />• ACTIVITY SITES • <br />Parker Ranch Center <br />Waimea Historic Corner <br />Church Row Park <br />Kamuela Hongwanji Mission <br />Kahilu Theatre and Town Hall <br />Parker School <br />Parker Ranch Historic Homes <br />SSS. ja t trfc a y,, F, e b pwJarryy 3 aoria gam - 3 p m <br />CA.) WWraiimea,4 lats � of Hawai'i <br />- FREE SHUTTLE AVAILABLE - <br />POLICY OF NON-DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF DISABILITY <br />The Department of Parks and Recreation provides recreational opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion or disability. Please call Alisa <br />Mitchener, Recreational Specialist, 961-8740, ext. 24, VTTY 961-8736 to discuss you need for reasonable accommodations or for more information on site accessibility. <br />For more information about the festival call 808-961-8681 Join us on Facebook: Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival <br />tri <br />