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<br />PUBLIC ACCESS, OPEN SPACE, AND NATURAL RESOURCES <br />PRESERVATION COMMISSION (PONC) <br />4/25/18 <br />Purpose: <br />To develop an initial island-wide prioritized list of qualifying lands <br />worthy of preservation within six months of appointment of the <br />commission and submit it to the mayor. Priorities shall be listed <br />on an island-wide rather than district basis. The list shall include <br />the significance of each parcel or entitlement identified the <br />reason for its priority, and its anticipated use after acquisition; to <br />update this list at any time, but at least annually by December 31 <br />of each year; to explore methods of funding land acquisition; and <br />to make recommendations to the mayor. The commission shall <br />give emphasis to land acquisitions where the County’s <br />contribution can be leveraged to obtain State, Federal, and/or <br />private funds. <br /> <br />Authority: <br />Hawai`i County Code, Chapter 2, Article 42 <br /> <br />Appointment: <br />Mayor and confirmed by the Council. Commission members are <br />appointed to staggered terms of five years <br /> <br />Full Membership: <br />Nine members <br /> <br />Specific Representation: <br />One member from each County Council District <br /> <br />Requirements: <br />No more than five members may belong officially to same political <br />party <br /> <br />Current Members: <br />Ending CD <br /> <br /> <br />E. Koohan Paik-Mander 12/31/22 1 <br /> <br />Kai‘ena Bishaw II 12/31/19 2 <br /> <br />Shellie Bee Allen Naungayan 12/31/18 3 <br /> <br />Dr. Wayne Frank 12/31/22 4 <br /> <br />Rene’ Siracusa 12/31/18 5 <br /> <br />Rick Warshauer 12/31/21 6 <br /> <br />Cynthia S. H. Nazara 12/31/19 7 <br /> <br />Keakaulike P. Tomich 12/31/20 8 <br /> <br />Susan Wells Fischer 12/31/20 9 <br /> <br /> <br />Commission Secretary: <br />Maxine Cutler (808) 961-8069 <br /> <br />Attorney Assigned: <br />Amy Self, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> <br /> <br />The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate Sections of <br />the County Charter, County Code and/or Hawai‘i Revised Statutes. <br /> <br />Hawai‘i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. <br /> <br />