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LIQUOR COMMISSION <br />Purpose. To adopt, amend, and repeal regulations having the force and effect of <br />law for the administration of liquor control in the County and to carry out <br />provisions of the liquor control laws of the State. Grant, renew, or <br />refuse any licenses for the manufacture, importation and sale of liquor <br />in the County under applicable laws and regulations. <br />Authority: Hawaii County Charter, Section 7-3.2. <br />Rules and Regulations of the Liquor Commission of the Department of <br />Liquor Control of the County of Hawaii, State of Hawaii. <br />Chapter 281, HRS, as amended. <br />Appointment. By Mayor and confirmed by Council. <br />Normal five year staggered terms. <br />Full Membership: Nine members. <br />Specific Representation: One member from each Council district. <br />Requirements: Not more than five of the members shall belong to the same political <br />party. Hawaii County Charter, Section 13-4 (f). <br />Meetings: First Thursday of each month, 10:00 a.m. at either Hilo or Kona office. <br />Financial Disclosure. Members must file Financial Disclosure within 20 working days of taking <br />the oath of office. Thereafter, annual disclosures must be filed on or <br />before January 31. The disclosures are confidential and will be kept on <br />file by the Board of Ethics. County Code, Chapter 2, Section 2-91.1. <br />Reappointment: Following the expiration of a term, no member may be reappointed for <br />at least two years, unless their initial term was for two years or less. <br />Qualities: Respected by the community as being community -minded and oriented. <br />Able to focus on the community needs as a whole without catering to <br />special or self-interest. <br />Current Members: CD <br />Shelby Nahale-a, Indep., 12/31/19 1 <br />Paula Thomas, Dem., 12/31/23 2 <br />Dawn K. Raymond, Indep., 12/31/22 3 <br />Michael Hughes, Indep., 12/31/21 4 <br />Warren Arakaki, Indep., 12/31/21 5 <br />Allen 5alave`a, Indep., 12/31/22 5 <br />Claude S. Onizuka, Indep., 12/31/21 7 <br />Ronald Ibarra, Indep., 12/31/23 8 <br />David R. Greenwell, Rep., 12/31/20 9 <br />Secretary to Boards/ <br />Commission/Contact Person: Dorsi Lim <br />(808)961-8502 <br />Attorney Assigned: Craig Masuda, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br />The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate Sections of the <br />County Charter, County Code andlor Hawaii Revised Statutes, as amended. <br />1: <br />