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2018 '� othe cfea4onP <br />at <br />ce ,y be <br />olida <br />oth <br />®oen <br />awai`i <br />to <br />4th <br />House <br />County <br />Building <br />Nig tl, <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER 10 <br />Christy Lassiter & Friends <br />Randy Lorenzo & Friends <br />Kolea <br />TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11 <br />Loeka Longakit & Friends <br />Patio Productions <br />Darlene Ahuna & Friends <br />WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12 <br />Puna Men's Choir <br />Hula Halau 0 Kou Lima Nani `E <br />01' School <br />THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13 <br />Times Five <br />Kris Fuchigami <br />Hawaii County Band <br />FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 <br />Hilo High Ambassadors with Wendell Ing <br />Lori Lei's Hula Studio <br />DD and the High Rollers <br />We will be collecting non-perlshable food Items for the Hawaii Island Food Basket. Please kbkua. <br />