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County of Hawaii <br />Department of Parks & Recreation <br />SUMMER FUN EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION <br />All applications must be turned in to: <br />799 Pi`ilani Street, Hilo, HI 96720 <br />Tel: (808) 961-8740 — Fax: (808) 961-8736 <br />DEADLINE: Must be postmarked by <br />February 12, 2019 <br />APPLICANTS MUST BE AVAILABLE TO WORK <br />THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PERIOD OF <br />JUNE 4 - JULY 19, 2019 <br />SUMMER FUN BEGINS JUNE 12, 2019 <br />INSTRUCTIONS <br />1. Please read the minimum qualification <br />requirements in the recruitment announcement. <br />Answer all questions completely and be sure to <br />sign the application. Type or print legibly in ink. <br />2. A copy of your Standard First Aid Certificate, <br />which must be current throughout the period of <br />employment, must be attached and submitted <br />with your application by the February 12, 2019 <br />deadline. Only fully completed applications will <br />be considered for employment. A complete <br />resume and college transcript attached to the <br />application is desired. <br />3. Failure to follow these instructions and not <br />submit all of the required documents by the <br />deadline date, including not signing the <br />application, will result in your application not <br />being considered for summer fun employment. <br />Check the appropriate box which authorizes you to <br />work in the United States. <br />A. Citizen of the United States <br />B. National of the United States <br />C. Permanent resident alien of the United <br />States <br />D. Eligible under federal law for unrestricted <br />employment in the United States <br />Are you at least 18 years of age for summer fun <br />employment? Yes No <br />JOB APPLYING FOR: <br />Activity Aide <br />Activity Technician I <br />Activity Technician III <br />Districts that you would be interested in working: <br />*SEE ATTACHMENT: Please review the site locations <br />that you are interested in working and the districts <br />where they are situated. <br />(Please number in order of preference, 1, 2, 3, etc.:) <br />Hilo Rural North Hilo <br />Puna North Kohala <br />Ka`u South Kohala <br />Hamakua N/S Kona <br />Legal Name: <br />(Last) (First) (M.1.) <br />Mailing Address: <br />(City) (State) (Zip Code) <br />Telephone: <br />(Day) (Evening) <br />CERTIFICATE OF APPLICANT <br />I hereby certify that all statements in this application <br />are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I <br />authorize you to perform a criminal history check; to <br />obtain my fingerprints for FBI criminal check; and to <br />obtain other information for verification. I also <br />authorize background checks with all my employers <br />(current and past). I understand that any <br />misstatements of material facts herein or a negative <br />criminal history check may cause forfeiture of all <br />rights to any employment in the service of the County <br />of Hawaii. <br />(Date) (Signature) <br />The County of Hawaii is an Equal Opportunity <br />Provider & Employer. <br />