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J�gYsos N�1y '.. <br /> - Z�Jiyi <br /> HAWAIICOUNTY OF `' _• STATE OF HAWAII <br /> 'iT,f Gf•N!•� <br /> ILL NO® 120 <br /> DRAFT ) <br /> ORDINANCE N . <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 24,ARTICLE 8,AND CHAPTER 25, <br /> ARTICLE 1 AND ARTICLE 4, DIVISION 5, OF THE HAWAII COUNTY CODE 1983 <br /> (2016 EDITION,AS AMENDED),RELATING TO PROVIDING, MAINTAINING,AND <br /> DEDICATING PARKING SPACES AND CHARGING STATIONS FOR ELECTRIC <br /> VEHICLES. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII: <br /> SECTION 1. Purpose. Section 291-71, Hawaii Revised Statutes, requires all places of <br /> public accommodation with at least one hundred parking spaces for use by the general public to <br /> have at least one parking space equipped with an electric vehicle charging system. Section <br /> 291-73, Hawaii Revised Statutes, authorizes each county to adopt an ordinance to enforce the <br /> requirements of section 291-71. Further, section 291-72, Hawaii Revised Statutes, provides that <br /> it shall be a traffic infraction subject to fines to park non-electric vehicles in spaces reserved for <br /> electric vehicles or to park in a parking space equipped with an electric vehicle charging system <br /> while not actively charging an electric vehicle. The purpose of this ordinance is to enforce the <br /> requirements of sections 291-71 and 291-72, Hawaii Revised Statutes. <br /> SECTION 2. Chapter 24, article 8, of the Hawaii County Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as <br /> amended) is amended by adding a new division 7 to read as follows: <br /> "Division 7. Parkins for electric vehicles. <br /> Section 24-245.4. Definitions. <br /> As used in this division: <br /> ""Electric vehicle"means: <br /> (1) A neighborhood electric vehicle as defined in this section,• <br /> (2) A vehicle, with four or more wheels, that draws propulsion energy from a battery <br /> with at least four kilowatt hours of energy storage capacity that can be recharged <br /> from an external source of electricity; or <br /> (3) A fuel cell electric vehicle." <br /> "Electric vehicle charging system" means a system that: <br /> (1) Is capable of providing electricity from a non-vehicle source to charge the batteries <br /> of one or more electric vehicles; <br /> (2) Meets recognized standards, including standard SAE J1772 of SAE International; <br /> and <br />