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(L-l"OUNTY OF N ,n 1,6t�,. STATE OF HAWAN <br /> E®F N• BILL NO. 203 <br /> ORDINANCE NO. <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING C APTER 24, ARTICLE 10, DIVISION 8, SECTION 24- <br /> 293, SCHEDULE 41, OF THE HAWAII COUNTY CODE (2416 EDITION, AS <br /> AMENDED), RELATING TO THE USE OF CERTAIN STREETS BY CERTAIN <br /> VEHICLES RESTRICTED. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF IHAWAI`I: <br /> SECTION 1. The purpose of this amendment is to remove a vehicle weight restriction for <br /> Kaiminani Drive in the North Kona District. Chapter 24 currently prohibits certain vehicles from <br /> travelling on Kaiminani Drive when they have a gross vehicle weight rating of five or more tons. <br /> The Department of Public Works has determined that the vehicle weight restriction for Kaiminani <br /> Drive is unnecessary because the roadway is designed and built to accommodate vehicles with a <br /> gross vehicle weight rating of five or more tons. <br /> SECTION 2. Chapter 24. Article 10, Division 8, Section 24-293, Schedule 41, Use of <br /> Certain Streets by Certain Vehicles, subsection (f), of the Hawaii County Code 1983 (2016 <br /> Edition, as amended), is amended by removing subsection (f) (2) in its entirety and re-numbering <br /> subsection (f) (3) as follows: <br /> [(� Wv .-.eles-haviirg zr` r-v"as-vv-hiele--�,V^eightrating-of-f-1:ve-or--tnefe4-ons-4a4--n@t-be <br /> pcziriiiic�rv-u�+cc ii�r�iYfQtt�r-ttt- lr`�t�d-S�r-�tc Tl,o � 1-, l) ,met <br /> be-aPpli-c k —4o4oc-a4-area--orif,4stination4r-a4fte-ani-I epic 1 p <br /> to fes;Aents of the designated t+.- u.1..e.; these <br /> re-stfictiorts-shah be lifted dur��tg tl�-periods o-�a}�y-€ r���de�lr by <br /> the eivil defense ag€-ncy:- <br /> .._____Kai-r 4ian-i Drive i-t,+-the--North--K-ona-Di-s-tric4-I <br /> ([J] 2) Bicycles, mopeds. and motor scooters shall not be permitted to use the <br /> hereinafter designated streets: <br /> SECTION 3. Material to be repealed is bracketed and stricken. New material is <br />