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J�ZY QF N�1,y <br /> COUNTY OF HA AI`I *; :* STATE OF HAWAII <br /> gTt'oF'ar'� <br /> RESOLUTION 3 22 <br /> A RESOLUTION TRANSFERRING/APPROPRIATING AN APPROPRIATION OUT <br /> AND FROM A DESIGNATED FUND ACCOUNT AND CREDITING SAME TO A <br /> DESIGNATED FUND ACCOUNT TO PROVIDE A GRANT TA ` ISLAND <br /> HIV/AIDS FOUNDATION TO ASSIST WITH EXPENSES RELATED TO ITS PUNA <br /> COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM. <br /> WHEREAS,the Hawaii Island HIV/AIDS Foundation(HIHAF), doing business as <br /> Kumukahi Health and Wellness, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist <br /> those affected by HIV/AIDS to maximize their quality of life, end the spread of HIV, and utilize <br /> the lessons learned in the HIV epidemic to care and advocate for others in the fight against <br /> related diseases; and <br /> WHEREAS, Kumukahi Health and Wellness also provides the community with health <br /> and medical services including but not limited to servicing people with basic medical needs who <br /> are not covered by medical insurance, Med-Quest navigation services, case management <br /> services, in-home appointments, and community health outreach and education; and <br /> WHEREAS, Kumukahi Health and Wellness is requesting funds to assist with expenses <br /> related to its Puna Community Outreach Program; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Puna Community Outreach Program is a program created to provide the <br /> people of Puna with weekly HIV, HepC, and STI testing, case management services, support <br /> groups, and LGBTQ+health clinic services; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Department of Research and Development is committed to promote <br /> partnerships between and within the County and community organizations and leaders to support <br /> the health, well-being, and quality of life for Hawaii Island residents; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 2-139(a)(2)(A) of the Hawaii County Code, <br /> Contingency Relief funds shall be transferred to an accepting County department/agency via <br /> resolution identifying the nonprofit organization and the specific program, project, event, <br /> activity, service, equipment, materials, or supplies for which the grant shall be used; now, <br /> therefore, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII that <br /> Contingency Relief funds from Council District 5 will be appropriated to the Department of <br /> Research and Development to provide a grant to Hawaii Island HIVIAIDS Foundation to assist <br /> with expenses relating to its Puna Community Outreach Program. <br />