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SSV OF y� <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII STATE OF HA AI`I <br /> r�r�POF NR,+gf <br /> RESOLUTION If <br /> A RESOLUTION TRANSFERRING/APPROPRIATING AN APPROPRIATION OUT <br /> AND FROM A DESIGNATEDFUND ACCOUNT AND CREDITING SAME TO A <br /> DESIGNATED FUND ACCOUNT TO PROVIDE A GRANT TFRIENDS F THE <br /> FUTURETHE HEALTH AND FITNESS FIELD DAY EVENTS AT VARIOUS <br /> SCHOOLS IN COUNCIL DISTRICT NINE. <br /> WHEREAS,Friends of the Future (FOF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that <br /> envisions harmony and balance among the diverse people of Hawaii and encourages each <br /> person to contribute their deepest values and create shared visions; and <br /> WHEREAS, the No Ke Ola Pono O Nd Keiki Project supports programs that promote <br /> health and physical education in schools within the West Hawaii Complex Area, which was <br /> established by a teacher as a proactive response to the effects the pandemic was having on <br /> students' health and wellness; and <br /> WHEREAS, last year, the No Ke Ola Pono O Nd Keiki Project held over 18 Health and <br /> Fitness Field Day events using reproducible lessons in a fun format while incorporating <br /> community partners to run health and wellness stations to share their services with students and <br /> faculty; and <br /> WHEREAS, this school year, FOF will be helping to coordinate Health and Fitness Field <br /> Day events in the West Hawaii Complex Area and is requesting funds to assist with purchasing <br /> equipment, materials, and supplies to improve the health and physical education at various <br /> schools in Council District 9; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Department of Liquor Control supports youth programs that promote <br /> educational activities in an alcohol-, tobacco-, and drug-free environment; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 2-139(a)(2)(A) of the Hawaii County Code, <br /> Contingency Relief funds shall be transferred to an accepting County department/agency via <br /> resolution identifying the nonprofit organization and the specific program, project, event, activity, <br /> service, equipment, materials, or supplies for which the grant shall be used; now, therefore, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII that <br /> Contingency Relief funds from Council District 9 will be appropriated to the Department of <br /> Liquor Control to provide a grant to Friends of the Future for the Health and Fitness Field Day <br /> events at various schools in Council District 9. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Council of the County of Hawaii hereby <br /> transfers/appropriates the following amount as set forth below: <br />