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"JNSY.os....... <br /> .COUNTY OF HAWAII i•E6`:" STATE OF HAWAII <br /> 1TE oF•b" <br /> BILL NO. 120 <br /> ORDINANCE NO. <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 19 OF THE HAWAI`I COUNTY CODE 1983 <br /> (2016 EDITION, AS AMENDED) BY ADDING A NEW ARTICLE RELATING TO A <br /> REAL PROPERTY TAX STABILIZATION PROGRAM. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAI`I: <br /> SECTION 1. Chapter 19 of the Hawai`i County Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as amended) <br /> is amended by adding a new article to read as follows: <br /> "Article 14. Stabilization Program. <br /> Section 19-106. Definitions. <br /> As used in this article: <br /> "Stabilized tax" means real property tax that is equal to the tax levied in the tax year <br /> in which a qualifying homeowner enrolled in the stabilization program. <br /> "Unstabilized tax"means real property tax that would otherwise be levied for a <br /> given tax year on property in the homeowner class, absent stabilization. <br /> Section 19-107. Stabilization program established. <br /> (a) There is established a real property tax stabilization program which shall be <br /> administered by the department of finance. <br /> (b) Stabilization of real property taxes shall not take precedence over any provision of <br /> property tax exemption, relief, or penalty otherwise applicable to qualifying <br /> taxpayers. <br /> (c) The director shall adopt rules and regulations necessary to administer this article, <br /> subject to chapter 91, Hawai`i Revised Statutes. <br /> Section 19-108. Enrollment. <br /> (a) Any taxpayer who is eighty-five years of age or older and who owns property as a <br /> principal residence in the homeowner class is qualified to enroll in the stabilization <br /> program as provided by this article. <br /> (b) Enrollment in the stabilization program shall be allowed from the next tax year, <br /> provided that the taxpayer shall have filed a claim for enrollment with the <br /> department of finance on or before December 31 of the year immediately preceding <br /> the tax year for which enrollment is claimed. <br /> (c) A claim for enrollment shall be made on a form as prescribed by the director. <br /> (d) Upon determination that a claimant is entitled to stabilization, the director shall <br /> stabilize the claimant's real property taxes for the subject property in accordance <br /> with section 19-109. <br />