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shredded, will not be accepted at any County landfill[.-], the East Hawai`i Regional <br /> Sort Station, or transfer station. All wire or cable must be cut to four-foot lengths <br /> prior to disposal at any County landfill, the East Hawai`i Regional Sort Station, or <br /> transfer station. <br /> (c) Administrative rules shall provide partial credit to commercial haulers for residential <br /> waste. The amount of the credit shall be no less than$2 per month for each single-family <br /> household from which the hauler collects refuse,provided the hauler's account is current. <br /> The annual credit shall be equal to the landfill disposal fee multiplied by one and one-half <br /> tons per year per single-family household. The residential credit shall not exceed the total <br /> landfill tipping fees charged to the residential hauler for the month for which the credit is <br /> being claimed. <br /> Commercial haulers who claim this credit shall provide documentation to the <br /> solid waste division including customer name, mailing address, and service address <br /> for each credit claimed. Claims for the residential credit must be submitted on or <br /> before the last day of the month following the month for which the credit is being <br /> claimed and the hauler's account must be current for the credit to be applied. <br /> Names, mailing addresses, and service addresses of customers of residential <br /> haulers are subject to the disclosure limitations in section 92F, Hawai`i Revised <br /> Statutes as disclosure would cause substantial harm to the competitive position of the <br /> person from whom the information was obtained. <br /> (d) The mayor, with the approval of the council, may temporarily rescind the solid waste <br /> disposal fees for a specified period. <br /> (e) The mayor may waive solid waste disposal fees when it is in the best interest of the <br /> County. Fees may be waived for one-time events for community organizations, <br /> nonprofit organizations, or private property owners who are remediating illegal dump <br /> sites which were not of their creation. The mayor will give notice to the council <br /> when tip [feels] fees are waived. <br /> [ a e . - .. !I. -- - <br /> expenses in the solid waste division. Factors to consider include, but are not limited <br /> and any contractual obligations, equipment replacement and depreciation, and <br /> diversion programs. Estimates shall also be considered for total disposal expenses for <br /> •- - , - . . - • <br /> - , - _ -- • •- , - - - • - - <br /> anuary 1, 2007.] <br /> Section 20-47. Collection of fees. <br /> (a) All charges shall be collected by the solid waste division of the <br /> department. Billings shall be made monthly. Payments are due before the <br /> end of the month following the month in which charges are incurred. A <br /> finance charge of one [ percent monthly(annual rate of <br /> [eighteen] twelve percent) shall be charged on all balances which are <br /> [sixty or more days overdue.] past due. In addition to this, access to <br /> County solid waste facilities may be denied until the account is current. <br /> 2 <br />