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DAY & CLASS TIME LOCATION INSTRUCTOR FEE <br />WEDNESDAY - 10 Sessions (July 12 - September 13, 2023) <br />Toning *See relocation listingp9_5 <br />07:30A-08:30A <br />Carvalho Gym <br />F Elarionoff <br />$10 <br />Walking for Fitness *NEW *see relocation p9.5 (starts 7/19) <br />08:30A-09:30A <br />Edith K. Stadium <br />Sara Krosch <br />$10 <br />Creative Craft Sewing Lab *No New Students <br />08:30A-10:30A <br />Room 2 <br />Non -Instructional <br />$20 <br />(PHONE 201 *No New Students <br />08:30A-09:30A <br />AB <br />G Navarro <br />$10 <br />Watercolor 3 *No New Students <br />09:OOA-11:OOA <br />RR <br />S Len <br />$20 <br />Chair Yoga *See relocation listingp9_5 <br />10:OOA-11:OOA <br />Edith K. Stadium <br />S Goldman <br />$10 <br />Bonsai *No New Students <br />10:OOA-12:OOP <br />Patio <br />J Morishita <br />$20 <br />Yoga Blend *No Class Summer <br />10:OOA-11:30A <br />Carvalho Gym <br />B Cole -Schwartz <br />$10 <br />Sewing Design <br />10:15A-01:15P <br />AB <br />K Lilleeng <br />$20 <br />Hawaii Plantation Pidgin Talk Story <br />11:OOA-12:OOP <br />Room 2 <br />M Ikeda <br />$10 <br />Beginning Oigong *Starts 7/19 <br />10:OOA-11:OOA <br />Aikido of Hilo <br />B Klein <br />$10 <br />Beginning Hatha Yoga *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />11:30A-12:30P <br />Edith K. Stadium <br />S Goldman <br />$10 <br />Mapping Your Memories. Goals & Dreams *No Class summer 12:30P-01:30P <br />Room 2 <br />J Wheat <br />$10 <br />Make Your Own Walking Stick <br />01:OOP-02:OOP <br />Patio <br />J Zeigler <br />$10 <br />Cardio Soul Line Dancing *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />01:OOP-02:OOP <br />Edith K. Stadium <br />A Kunimura <br />$10 <br />Na Mele Jam (Ukulele Kanikapila) *No Class Summer <br />01:OOP-02:30P <br />RR <br />L Schroeder <br />$10 <br />Sewing Design <br />01:15P-04:15P <br />AB <br />K Lilleeng <br />$20 <br />Reading Poetry for Pleasure *No Class Summer <br />02:OOP-03:OOP <br />Room 2 <br />J Wheat <br />$10 <br />Total Body Conditioning *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />02:30P-03:30P <br />Edith K. Stadium <br />M Timboy <br />$10 <br />Zumba Gold *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />04:OOP-05:OOP <br />Edith K. Stadium <br />H Rocha <br />$10 <br />THURSDAY - 10 Sessions (July 13 - September 14, 2023) <br />Water Dance Fitness *Time Change <br />08:OOA-09:OOA <br />Sparky Kawamoto Pool <br />L Walters <br />$10 <br />Bonsai Ceramics *No New Students <br />08:OOA-10:30A <br />Patio <br />D Minemoto <br />$20 <br />Oi Gong Longevity *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />08:OOA-09:30A <br />Butler Building <br />L Egusa <br />$10 <br />Yoga Blend <br />08:30A-09:45A <br />Waiakea Rec. Center <br />B Schwartz <br />$10 <br />Physical Fitness *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />08:30A-09:30A <br />Carvalho Gym <br />D Raabe <br />$10 <br />Advanced Tai Chi *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />08:30A-09:45A <br />Panaewa Gym <br />F Elarionoff <br />$10 <br />IPHONE 101 *Must have an Apple (phone <br />08:30A-09:30A <br />Room 2 <br />G Navarro <br />$10 <br />Beginner Line Dance <br />08:45A-10:15A <br />RR <br />A Yonamine <br />$10 <br />Mah Jong for Fun *Non -instructional <br />09:OOA-12:45P <br />AB <br />Non -Instructional <br />$20 <br />Intermediate Tai Chi *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />09:55A-10:55A <br />Panaewa Gym <br />F Elarionoff <br />$10 <br />Zumba Gold *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />10:15A-11:15A <br />Carvalho Gym <br />H Rocha <br />$10 <br />T-shirt Embellishments <br />10:30A-12:OOP <br />Room 2 <br />C Kuwaye <br />$10 <br />Improver to Low Intermediate Line Dance <br />10:30A-12:OOP <br />RR <br />J Allen <br />$10 <br />Mold Ceramics <br />11:OOA-01:OOP <br />Patio <br />H Smith <br />$20 <br />First Timers Tai Chi *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />11:OOA-12:OOP <br />Panaewa Gym <br />F Elarionoff <br />$10 <br />Conversational Japanese Beg. II*No New students <br />12:30P-01:30P <br />Room 2 <br />J Skyles-Kaipo <br />$10 <br />Karaoke for Fun <br />01:15P-04:OOP <br />AB <br />K Fukuda <br />$20 <br />First Timers Ukulele <br />01:30P-03:OOP <br />RR <br />A Rodrigues <br />$10 <br />Advanced Hawaiian Ukulele <br />04:OOP-05:30P <br />RR <br />S Regidor <br />$10 <br />