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§ 2-81 HAWAII COUNTY CODE <br /> (b) Any violation of this section constitutes use of government funds for campaign <br /> purposes, and shall be subject to any penalty, as authorized by law, including an <br /> administrative fine not to exceed 81,000, for each violation, as the board of ethics <br /> may determine. <br /> (2008, ord 08-49, sec 1; am 2012, ord 12-43, sec 1.) <br /> Section 2-81. Applicability. <br /> This article shall apply to every officer or employee of the County. For the purposes <br /> of this article, any person nominated for elected office or appointed but not confirmed as <br /> administrative head of any agency or as a member of any board or commission shall be <br /> considered an officer. <br /> (1983 CC, c 2, art 15, sec 2-81.) <br /> Section 2-82. Definitions. <br /> As used in this article: <br /> "Agency" means the County of Hawai`i and any other governmental unit of the <br /> County. <br /> "Board" means the board of ethics. <br /> "Business" includes a corporation, a partnership, a sole proprietorship, a trust or <br /> foundation, or other individual organization carrying on a business, whether or not <br /> operated for profit. <br /> "Compensation" means any money, thing of value, or economic benefit conferred on <br /> or received by any person in return for services rendered or to be rendered by oneself or <br /> another. <br /> "Controlling interest" means an interest in a business or other undertaking which <br /> is sufficient in fact to control, whether the interest be greater or less than fifty percent. <br /> "Employee" means any person, except an officer, employed by the County or any <br /> agency thereof but the term shall not include an independent contractor. <br /> "Financial interest" means an interest held by an individual, the individual's <br /> spouse, or dependent children which is: <br /> (1) An ownership interest in a business. <br /> (2) A creditor interest in an insolvent business. <br /> (3) An employment, or prospective employment for which negotiations have begun. <br /> (4) An ownership interest in real or personal property. <br /> (5) A loan or other debtor interest. <br /> (6) A directorship or officership in a business. <br /> "Immediate family" means the employee's or officer's spouse, siblings, children, <br /> grandchildren, or parents. <br /> "Officer" includes the following: <br /> (1) The mayor, members of the council, and all other elected officials of the <br /> County; <br /> (2) Any person appointed as the administrative head of any agency of the County; <br /> (3) The first deputy or first assistant to the administrative head of any agency of <br /> the County; <br /> 2-30 <br /> UNOFFICIAL ADVANCE SHEET-Contains sec(s)affected since publication of the 2016 Edition of the 1983 HCC. <br /> Official revision to be published in Supp. 1(1-2017). <br />