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Mr. Michael Yee <br />February 8, 2017 <br />Page 2 <br />3. Puna is in dire need of reliable and affordable internet connectivity. Lack of <br />infrastructure inhibits opportunity in Puna. Action items 3.4.3c and 4.1.3c speak to the <br />need of internet connectivity that could provide economic and employment opportunities <br />for Puna residents. <br />4. Preserving native ecosystems is critical in the fastest growing district in Hawaii County. <br />Development is occurring at a rapid pace and native forests are giving way to housing <br />and development on a daily basis. Objective 2.2.2b of the PCDP calls for several action <br />strategies to protect the increasingly threatened forests of Puna. <br />5. Farmers Markets provide options for marketing locally produced products and economic <br />opportunities for Puna residents. Chapter 15 of Hawaii County Code has provisions <br />allowing for the operation of farmers markets in some County park facilities. PCDP <br />action item 3.2.2e is in alignment with current County Code. Only minor changes to <br />Chapter 15 would be necessary to allow farmers markets in appropriate park facilities <br />throughout the Puna district. <br />6. Medical facilities are critical for a healthy community. Puna is sorely lacking in medical <br />facilities able to serve a rapidly growing population. The AC encourages assistance and <br />advocacy, at any level, to promote the development of medical facilities that can provide <br />a full range of services including options for Puna residents that require dialysis <br />treatment. Action item 3.3.3a calls for development of medical facilities throughout <br />Puna and goal 3.3.1 advocates for social services and programs to assist the Puna <br />community. <br />In the coming months, we will be offering our assistance and advocacy for legislation, <br />programmatic initiatives, and capital improvement priorities related to the Puna CDP. We <br />encourage and appreciate the Administration's continued support and look forward to <br />collaboration between the AC and the Administration as it is essential for the successful <br />implementation of the PCDP. <br />We respectfully request that this letter and the enclosed PCDP Priority Table be forwarded to the <br />Mayor, appropriate agencies, administrators, councilmembers, and legislators that are <br />instrumental in assisting with the implementation of the various priorities that are outlined above. <br />Mahalo for your time, understanding and support of the Puna community. <br />Respectfully, <br />Larry Brown, Chair <br />Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />Encl: PCDP Priority Table <br />