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(a)Moniesinthisfundshall be usedsolely to: <br />(1)Purchase or otherwise acquire lands or property entitlementsintheCounty of Hawai‘i <br />for public outdoor recreation and education, including: <br />(A)Access to beaches and mountains; <br />(B)Preservation of historic or culturally important land areas and sites; <br />(C)Protection of natural resources, significant habitat or eco-systems includingbuffer <br />zones; <br />(D)Preservation of forests,beaches, coastal areas, natural beauty and agricultural <br />lands; and <br />(E)Protection of watershed lands topreserve waterquality and water supply. <br />The Public Access, Open Space and NaturalResources Preservation Maintenance Fund(administered by <br />theDept. of Parks & Recreation(P&R):Thereisavailablefor <br />communitygroupstoassist the County with stewardship and maintenanceof properties purchased with the <br />FUND.The next period that P&Rwill beacceptingstewardship grant applications will be <br />July – August . <br />