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BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Director of Finance is authorized to initiate any funding <br /> mechanisms required for the acquisition of land or a conservation easement in all or a portion of <br /> the Waikapuna Property, in accordance with Chapter 2, Article 42, Hawai`i County Code, relating to <br /> the Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation Fund and Commission, and may <br /> utilize any other funds from any other sources, private or governmental, as said funding is available. <br /> RESOLVED that the CountyClerk shall forward a copyof this resolution to the <br /> BE IT FINALLY <br /> Honorable Mayor Harry Kim, the Director of Finance, the Director of the Department of Parks and <br /> Recreation, the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources, the Hawai`i State Office of <br /> Hawaiian Affairs, and the Hawai`i County Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources <br /> Preservation Commission. <br /> Dated at Kona , Hawai`i, this 22nd day of August , 2018 <br /> INTRODUCED BY: <br /> .0°1 e: <br /> 4111111WIP AlliPaNfek <br /> --.4LIWe' <br /> COUNCIL MEMBER, COUNTY OF HAWAII <br /> COUNTY COUNCIL ROLL CALL VOTE <br /> County of Hawaii AYES NOES ABS EX <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i CHUNG X <br /> DAVID X <br /> I hereby certify that the foregoing RESOLUTION was by EOFF X <br /> the vote indicated to the right hereof adopted by the COUNCIL of the KANUHA <br /> County of Hawai`i on August 22, 2018 X <br /> LEE LOY X <br /> O'HARA X <br /> ATTEST: POINDEXTER X <br /> RICHARDS x <br /> i-ND f RUGGLES X <br /> � 8 0 1 0 <br /> *--7(A„Dj. <br /> d.... 1n-I Reference: C-1008/FC-127 <br /> COUNTY CLERK CHAIRPERSON&PRESIDING OFFICER RESOLUTION NO. 650 18 <br /> 3 <br />