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<br />TOXIC GAS EXPOSURE POLICY <br />Color Code Health Effect Response <br /> <br />· Highly sensitive individuals may be · Sensitive individuals should take <br /> <br />affected at lower concentrations actions to avoid exposure <br />BLUE <br />· Little or no risk to healthy individuals · Non-effected individuals should <br /> always be on alert for changing <br />conditions <br /> <br /> <br />· Sensitive individuals with respiratory · Avoid outdoor activities that cause <br /> <br />problems may experience health heavy breathing or breathing through <br /> <br />effects and should take precautions the mouth <br />to include leaving the area. <br />· Minimize all physical activities <br />ORANGE <br />· The general public may experience <br />· Take actions to limit exposure by <br />minor respiratory issues and should <br />leaving area or going indoors <br />be on the alert while minimizing <br /> <br />exposure <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />· Severe conditions may exist such as · Take actions necessary to limit <br /> <br />chocking, inability to breathe that further exposure <br />RED <br />affects entire exposed population (Leave Area and Remain Indoors) <br />· Immediate Danger to Health · Prepare for possible Evacuation <br />· Seek medical attention if severely <br />affected <br />