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', to <br /> Lee E. Lord <br /> 1 14anndrn,Director <br /> IN/HtcheH <br /> Robert If.Command <br /> „ Depitw Managing Director <br /> Gunfv of P VI* <br /> Offirt of fhp air <br /> 25 Aupuni Street,Suite 2603 o Hilo,Hawaii 96720 ® (808)961-8211 ® Fax(808)961-6553 <br /> KONA: 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy.,Bldg C ® Kailua-Kona,Hawaii 96740 <br /> (808)323-4444 ® Fax(808)323-4440 <br /> March 29, 2021 <br /> Council Chair Maile David <br /> And Members of the County Council <br /> County of Hawaii <br /> Hilo, Hi 96720 <br /> Aloha Council Chair David and Council Members: <br /> Pursuant to Hawaii County Charter Section 13-4(b), it is my recommendation that Mark Van Pernis <br /> be removed from the Leeward Planning Commission. His term is scheduled to end on December 31, <br /> 2024. <br /> As you know, the Leeward Planning Commission (Commission) is comprised of seven volunteer <br /> commissioners, representative of the community, and tasked with performing the duties set forth in the <br /> Hawai'i County Charter, Section 6-7.5. Since February 20, 2020 and throughout his tenure on the <br /> Commission, Mr. Van Pernis has repeatedly mistreated commission staff, applicants, and his fellow <br /> commissioners. <br /> At Commission meetings, Mr. Van Pernis behaves as if he is opposing counsel preforming cross <br /> examination, and even badgers' applicants that do not answer his questions to his liking. Despite being <br /> trained in Robert's Rules of Order, Mr. Van Pernis often disrupts meetings and ignores the direction of <br /> the Chair to maintain order. His frequent disruptions, speaking out of turn, and ignoring the direction <br /> from the Chair has resulted in the need to mute his microphone. Such behavior distracts from and <br /> compromises the important work of the Commission. <br /> Accordingly, to expedite this process, I am requesting your approval of removing Mark Van Pernis <br /> from the Leeward Planning Commission and forwarding this request to County Council Agenda on <br /> April 7, 2021. <br /> Should you have any questions, please contact me. <br /> Mahalo, <br /> Mitchell D. Roth <br /> MAYOR Comm, No. <br /> Ref, To: <br /> County of Hawaii is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. Ref. Date hAAR 2 9 2021 <br />