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Ha J�TY OF p <br /> Harry Kim rp. Michael Yee <br /> Mavor Director <br /> Roy TakemotoApril Surprenant <br /> Managing Director "+ *��.� Acting Deputy Director <br /> ra'�"NM+► <br /> West Hawaii Office East Hawaii Office <br /> 74-5044 Ane Keohok5lole Hwy 101 Pauahi Street,Suite 3 <br /> Kailua-Kona,Hawaii 96740 County of Hawa>< i Hilo,Hawaii 96720 <br /> Phone(808)323-4770 Phone(808)961-8288 <br /> Fax(808)327-3563 PLANNING DEPARTMENT Fax(808)961-8742 <br /> November 2, 2020 <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> To: Community Development Plan Action Committee Members <br /> From: Michael Yee, Planning Director <br /> Subiect: Community Development Plan Implementation <br /> 2020 will forever be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented changes it <br /> brought to our daily lives. A sincere mahalo to many of you who have stepped up without <br /> hesitation to help your communities. Although at the national level a debate rages on about <br /> individual rights, the aloha spirit brings us together on Hawai'i Island in amazing ways. <br /> I am writing to follow-up on my December 31, 2019 memo to you in which I explained that the <br /> Action Committees would reconvene to focus CDP implementation on advancing community- <br /> based implementation through partnerships. Stating the obvious, the onset of COVID-19 and <br /> administrative challenges put a hold on the reconvening of the Action Committees. There have <br /> been five months of conducting virtual meetings with critical regulatory permitting bodies like <br /> Planning Commissions and Board of Appeals. After much trial and error, we are ready to <br /> reconvene the Action Committees on a virtual platform. <br /> We are thrilled that many of you have already expressed interest in working together and <br /> bringing in your community networks to address cross cutting themes in implementation. This <br /> work will begin with a virtual Community Learning Series for both your planning districts and <br /> island-wide as a vehicle to engage and inform community around the implementation of the <br /> Community Development Plans (CDPs) and share other resources and services that can benefit <br /> the community. We plan to convene the first round of this virtual series before the close of 2020. <br /> We are working closely with Corporation Counsel to assess fundamental issues relative to the <br /> functionality of Action Committees given Sunshine Law and the constraints it has on Action <br /> Committee Members continuing to work as community-based stewards across island wide <br /> cohorts. We will incorporate these lessons learned into the County's community planning <br /> program and the recommended draft of the General Pian. <br /> www.plannln .h awaiicount ov Hawaii County is an Equal Opportunity Prordder and Employerr Cannincahawaiicounty boa <br />