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Edward Ngrram Person 110 50685926 Recewed 811r422 110 07 AM! <br /> Y ... APPLICATION <br /> LOYM ENT <br /> uw.omi o.r. � u <br /> COUNTY OF HAHVIH'AI'I Reoeuvedl. H��Afr��� 1t7:tH7 <br /> Department of t,Uman IRe5oulirces 101 Pauuahir Street, Suite 2 AIM <br /> Hilo Hlawwarl 96720 For Official Use Only- <br /> SB •<gt1 3ta1 lHa k __ __ <br /> ' NH <br /> un Experience ._._ <br /> � <br /> Iugaaarcio, Edward G. oTraiining <br /> 2022--OIA CHIEF OF POI ICE o0thei <br /> FyCI I d'1C9N T Il"''L L. EXAM ID#: <br /> CHIEF OF POaIJCE 2022 81.,E <br /> NAuIF (Lash,IFust, k�faa �e S CIAI SFfRITY IIIE.IFiE III <br /> Ignacio, Felwwarcll C. <br /> �I��f�NI� S: S$aeet, Cpty Staike IPirovurnce �rpn F+crsta o¢� , v R,�m R, <br /> E IMII�,IIL 1III'I���ICI I�I�6�E� III.I��I <br /> ....... ........ ........ ........ ..................�V�� II �IfHA ...................................................... <br /> I CI NE PHONE ALTERNATE PHONE: <br /> DR'TV�ICEN; E:`,.,,, DRIVER SLIC TNpSE <<<,,,<<<<<<<,,,<<<<<<<,,,<<<<<<<,,, LEGALT"TO1PIdORKIIN THE UNITED STATES" < <br /> ■ Yes o No State: HI Number: Yes ru No <br /> W iat is your iiij liest eve ra a uueatuuun? <br /> Bachelor's Deyuree <br /> 41NkNAT TYPE OF JiC1TT... <br /> ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? <br /> ? <br /> R ep�pula r <br /> TYk9brVNIk YCiN 11VIIL.1..ACCE . <br /> PT, <br /> Fuulll Time <br /> �-9"ff8-0`W Ai ifs''"': <br /> Day,Eveti�iig,N�gi�it,Rotait�iig,Weekeiids,Oii Call (as needed) <br /> OBJECTIVE. <br /> To subun'uit my application for the position of Chief of Police for Hawaii Police Department <br /> ........ ......... w,... w,w,.. w,w,.. w,... w,w,.. w,w,.. w,... w,w,w,w,... <br /> University of HavwalH at manoa <br /> rLd4T kN, Cuty, to Provirue L7rIEl ydo it uDUATL L1fiCftff Rk CEIVEID. <br /> Honolulu , Hawaii ■Yes 11 No Bachelor's <br /> Speech Communication <br /> Aft, , o SCHOO NA I if: <br /> Laupahoehoe I School <br /> .1 L 1`fIli N. C y, wta e, r6V41..e�.-- --------- <br /> 5h � 'tlHll�iGl " DUAL Er.................................. [b"R;RFF—VLCfM-6- -------- --------- ------------- <br /> L..aaurpahoehoe , Hawaii ■Yes Ogoo High School Diplomna <br /> PIERTE <br /> I ATES: EMPEOYER� �POS�ITION aTITLE:� <br /> From: 1/2000 To: 12/20t 21 Federal IBureaU of Investigation Senior Resident Agent <br /> aRI � e , y, S�te"Irovrrta:e, Ip os a `oue , �� ItI�. <br /> 91 1.00 Enteo prise Nloaud, Kapolei, Hawaii, 9670I7 FBI.giio'v <br /> PHONE NkJhikBER. SUPERVISOR: MAY WE CONTACT THIS EMPLOYER <br /> awIYes ONO <br /> i�JI S PAP YwF` FC:...................................... w uClrl pig }YI ' "' <br /> "50 40 <br /> DUTIES: <br /> 7w suau.c;essful law Enforcement profession,all with 29 years of experience who has demonstrated expertise and proven leaderships ability <br /> during multiple assignments w1it uirm the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Extensive investigative experience in corn�pIlex cir-jimilinall federal <br /> violations utilizing sophisticated techniques and operations which have led to successful prosecutions. Supervised a teaann of specialized <br /> individuals from Multiple State/Federal agencies in a task force environment that were responsible for gathering Intelligence and concluuctimg � <br /> investigations on internatlonal/domes»»tic terrorism, WMD, and HazM at matters in the Pacific:. Supervisor over the FBI Hornolulu Division's <br /> SWAT team, Special Agent Bomb Technicians and WMD,programs with extensive experience in tactics, mission planing, training, protective 3 <br /> security operations, vulnerability assessments, threat innitlwgati'on and physical site assessments. Highly skilled Crisis IManager with <br /> experience in ennergency preparedness, Ccumrnarnd post operation and Incident Cornnimand. Deployed for the FBI In multiple leadership roles 3 <br /> to National Security Special Events, Olympic Games, Super Bowls and other tri to visibility s'paeciall events and protective details. Outstanding � <br /> problerm solving and analytical skills, excelllent written, and oral communications skills,, and experience developing anus providing training to a <br /> variety of audiences. <br /> """kfA Cd�N FQI�WTL fIINC: <br /> Retired <br /> From:ES: EMPLOYER: <br /> fiba 10/1 To: 112000 Hawaii Pollice Department � PPolice <br /> Of Cffifrcer <br />