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ASIAA-PL-SPP-2022-000025-11-04-22 <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAI`I PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br /> BACKGROUND REPORT <br /> ACADEMIA SINICA INSTITUTE OF ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS <br /> SPECIAL PERMIT APPLICATION (PL-SPP-2022-000025) <br /> ACADEMIA SINICA INSTITUTE OF ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS has applied <br /> for a Special Permit for the temporary operation of an array of 10 satellite dishes and a 50-foot x <br /> 50-foot dipole antenna array and related improvements to conduct research on Fast Radio Bursts <br /> (FRBs) on an approximately 2.0-acre portion of a larger 10.7-acre property in the State Land Use <br /> Agricultural District. The subject property is located approximately 1,375 feet southeast(makai) <br /> of the Wood Valley Road/Makakupu Road intersection, Ka`ala`ala-Kapalapala, Ka`u, Hawaii, <br /> TMK: (3) 9-6-011:007 (por.) <br /> APPLICANT'S REQUEST <br /> 1. Proposed Use: The applicant is requesting a Special Permit to allow the following uses <br /> on a 2.0-acre portion, 295 feet in width by 295 feet in length, of a larger 10.7-acre <br /> property. The proposed use will be temporary, with an unspecified lease term that <br /> includes the option to renew the lease: <br /> • Ten commercial TV satellite dishes (20 feet in diameter)with reception <br /> capacity of 400-800 Mega Hertz (MHz), fixed in a stationary position <br /> facing northeast, with 7 to 8-foot-tall support poles. <br /> • A 50-foot x 50-foot dipole antenna array, with stationary dipole antennas. <br /> • A gravel driveway approximately 1,400 feet in length and 10 feet in width, <br /> with an unobstructed clear width of 20 feet for Fire Department access. <br /> • One catchment tank of at least 4,000 gallons capacity for fire suppression. <br /> • One port-a-potty. <br /> • Two shipping containers each at 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet-6 <br /> inches tall. <br /> • A small solar power array to support approximately 10 kilowatts of power <br /> (approximately 25-30 solar panels) to be installed on top of or adjacent to <br /> shipping containers. <br /> -1- <br />