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<br />ProcessforPropertyAcquisitionwithFundsfromthePublicAccess, <br />OpenSpaceandNaturalResourcesPreservationFund <br />approximatelydepositedintothe Public Access,OpenSpaceandNatural <br />Resources Preservation Fund (FUND) pursuant toChapter 2, Article42,Section 2-214 oftheHawai‘iCounty <br />Code, 1983, 2005 EditionandArticleX,Section 10-15 of the Hawai‘i County Charter.These funds are2%of <br />all real property tax revenues, including penalties and interest collected by Hawai‘i County each year. <br />1.Thepublic maysubmitsuggestionformstothe PublicAccess,OpenSpaceandNaturalResources <br />Preservation Commission (PONC).PONC suggestion forms may be found on-line at: <br /> <br />thelastbusiness day of eachyear.Suggestionformsreceivedafterthisdatewillbe <br />consideredbythe Commissionthe following year.TheCommissionreviewsall suggestion forms, <br />,maps,testimonyfromlocalresidents, <br />archaeologicalinformation,realestate listings,landsurveys, etc.andalso welcomes public testimonyat <br />PONC meetings. <br />2. <br />TheCommissionprioritizes a list of properties from the suggestion formsthatweresubmittedforthat <br />year, compiles all information, creates the PrioritizedList of PropertiesandsubmitsAnnual <br />st <br />ReporttotheMayoreachyearbyDecember 31.AnnualReportstothe Mayor maybefound on-line <br />at: <br />3. <br />Once a property is ranked on the list, a memberof the Hawai‘i County Council maysubmit a resolution <br />to authorize the Director of Financetoproceedwith negotiations foracquisition.Community <br />arewelcometoadvocateforthis resolution. Once the County Council approves a <br />resolutionto acquirethe property, the Commission will no longer consider the property for future <br />prioritized lists. <br />4. <br />TheDepartment of Finance, PropertyManagementDivision(PMD)may or may not open negotiations <br />topurchase the property. Factorsaffectingthisdecision could be:ifthereis a willingseller,ifthereis a <br />community group thatiswillingtomanage the property, iftherearematching funds or ifthereare other <br />properties that are higher priorities for acquisition. <br />5. <br />The County ismorelikelytoacquire properties that have commitmentsformatchingfunds.Matching <br />funds maximize the purchasing power of the FUND.Thebestuse of FUNDmoniesisto be usedfor <br />dollar for dollar matching funds. Thepartywhosubmittedthesuggestionformwillworkwith the PMD <br />and/or Council Membertoseekmatching funds. Todate,matching funds have been obtained fromU.S. <br />FishandWildlifeService(USF&W),Recovery Lands AcquisitionProgram(forendangeredspecies) <br />andtheStateofHawai‘i,LegacyLandConservationProgram(LLCP).Sourcesfor other matching <br />funds could possibly be obtained fromOffice of HawaiianAffairsforculturalsitesandfrom the Federal <br />EmergencyManagementAdministration for flood plain or flood prone lands. <br />Additional Information: <br />Article X, Section 10-15 of the Hawai‘i County Charterstipulateswhat lands may be purchasedwiththese <br />funds: (see excerpt from section below) <br /> <br />