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F�K1. Of <br /> COUNTY OF G �ep* STATE OF V <br /> RESOLUTION . <br /> 199 23 <br /> A RESOLUTION URGING GOVERNOR JOSH GREEN, ., TO ISSUE AN <br /> EMERGENCY P CLA ATI N TO PROVIDE RELIEF FOR DAMAGES, LOSSES, <br /> AND SUFFERING AND TO PROTECT THE HEALTH, SAFETY, AND WELFAREF <br /> THE PEOPLE AFFECTED BY THE HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS AT THE <br /> PROPERTY F Y KNOWN AS UNCLE BILLY'S HILOAY HOTEL. <br /> WHEREAS, the former Uncle Billy's Hilo Bay Hotel, comprised of approximately <br /> 1.83 acres, is located on State of Hawaii land under the jurisdiction of the Department of Land <br /> and Natural Resources (DLNR), situated at Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, identified by Tax <br /> Map Keys: (3) 2-1-005:033, 034, 035, and 045; and <br /> WHEREAS, in June 2017, then Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) Chair, <br /> Suzanne Case, in an official media release regarding the closure of the property noted, "the <br /> Board has kept a close eye on this property over two years and prepared a report on its condition. <br /> Recognizing this building was at the end of its useful life and out of an abundance of caution, we <br /> are taking these steps now to close this chapter and prepare for a new phase of revitalization of <br /> Banyan Drive"; and <br /> WHEREAS, matters related to properties located at the Banyan Drive Peninsula, under <br /> the jurisdiction of DLNR, have appeared on the agenda of the BLNR approximately 27 times <br /> from January 2018 to May 2023; and <br /> WHEREAS, for the past six years, Hawaii legislators representing the area have <br /> attempted to collaborate with DLNR and BLNR to address concerns regarding the deplorable <br /> conditions of the former Uncle Billy's Hilo Bay Hotel and other State-owned properties located <br /> within the Banyan Drive Peninsula; and <br /> WHEREAS, the former Uncle Billy's Hilo Bay Hotel has experienced numerous fires, <br /> squatters, illegal activity, and security issues that have disrupted the surrounding community and <br /> diverted precious resources since hotel services ceased in June 2017; and <br /> WHEREAS, according to data supplied by the Hawaii Police Department, attached <br /> hereto as Exhibit A, officers responded to 6,479 calls for service/incidents in the area commonly <br /> known as Banyan Drive Peninsula from September 2018 to April 2023, and based on a two- <br /> officer response, the estimated cost for responding to these calls ranges from $319,000 to <br /> $459,000, depending on the officers' rank; and <br />