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COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />RESOLUTION NO. <br />STATE OF HAWAII <br />330 23 <br />A RESOLUTION STRONGLY URGING PROTECTION OF IWI KUPUNA AT KUMUKAHI <br />AND COLLECTIVE ACTION TO PRESERVE AND MANAGE THE CULTURAL AND <br />NATURAL RESOURCES OF KUMUKAHI. <br />WHEREAS, Ka Lae o Kumukahi, in the ahupua`a of Kula, District of Puna, is where the <br />rising sun first touches Hawaii and is among the most celebrated wahi pana (storied and sacred <br />places) in all of the Hawaiian Islands as well as a pu`uhonua (place of refuge); and <br />WHEREAS, the preservation and protection of iwi kupuna (traditional burials) and moepu <br />(funerary objects) at Kumukahi, including the reinterment of iwi and moepu that have been disturbed, <br />has been a longstanding issue; and <br />WHEREAS, in 2018, the Kilauea Eruption in lower Puna produced over one billion cubic <br />yards of lava that covered residential areas, destroyed precious ecosystems, and completely <br />transformed the coastline of Puna from Kumukahi to Pohoiki; and <br />WHEREAS, Kumukahi-Lighthouse Road, which has historically provided access to <br />Kumukahi, was partially inundated during the 2018 eruption and is scheduled for restoration, <br />presenting both opportunities and challenges in terms of cultural preservation, management of natural <br />resources, and resolution of historically neglected land and road ownership ambiguities; and <br />WHEREAS, property owners, direct lineal descendants of Kumukahi, and government <br />stakeholders play a vital role in protecting and preserving iwi kupuna from exposure to <br />indiscriminate, uninformed human influence, allowing traditional cultural information to come forth; <br />WHEREAS, the County Planning Department has convened the University of Hawaii, State <br />Department of Land and Natural Resources, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, property owners in the <br />vicinity of Kumukahi, and direct lineal descendants since 2020 to resolve iwi kupuna issues through <br />development of a burial treatment and preservation plan for certain sites; and <br />