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Harry Kim <br />Mayor <br />Roy Takemoto <br />Managing Director <br />Barbara J. Kossow <br />Deputy Managing Director <br />County of Hawaii <br />Office of the Mayor <br />25 Aupuni Street, Suite 2603 . Hilo, Hawaii 96720 . (808) 961-8211 . Fax (808) 961-6553 <br />KONA: 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy., Bldg C . Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 <br />(808)323-4444 . Fax (808)323-4440 <br />Mayor's COVID-19 Emergency Rule No. 10 <br />Pursuant to the authority vested in me by Hawai'i Revised Statutes Chapter 127A <br />and due to the public health concerns related to COVID-19, I hereby adopt and <br />promulgate the following rules which have the force and effect of law. <br />In accordance with Governor David Y. Ige's Tenth Proclamation Related to <br />the COVID-19 Emergency ("10th Proclamation"), the County and State of Hawai'i is <br />within the "Act with Care" phase of the "State Roadmap to Recovery and <br />Resilience." To date, there have been more than 1300 documented cases of <br />COVID-19 in the State of Hawai'i, with daily numbers of cases and 23 deaths <br />attributed to this disease. COVID-19 continues to endanger the health, safety, and <br />welfare of the people of this State and County and a response requires the <br />continued effort and sacrifice of the community to avert strains on our healthcare <br />system and other disastrous impacts. <br />A. Work in Businesses or Operations <br />All businesses, operations, and activities are permitted to open except those <br />businesses, operations and activities delineated in Exhibit 5, as otherwise provided <br />by this rule, and subject to all restrictions and physical distancing requirements of <br />this rule, the 10th Proclamation and any subsequent proclamations or orders, the <br />State Department of Health Reopening Hawai'i Safe Practices, and any CDC and <br />industry guidelines. <br />B. Safe Practices <br />All persons shall implement the following physical distancing and sanitation <br />requirements to the fullest extent possible: <br />1. Face Coverings Required. All persons within the County shall wear <br />non-medical grade face coverings, over their nose and mouth, while in <br />public settings. <br />Face coverings are not required in the following circumstances, unless <br />specifically indicated otherwise in this rule: <br />