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<br />CHAPTER 20 <br />INTEGRATED SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT <br />Article 1. General Provisions. <br />Section 20-01-01. Title and purpose. <br />Section 20-01-02. Severability. <br />Section 20-01-03. Definitions. <br />Article 2. Administration and Enforcement. <br />Division 1. Administration. <br />Section 20-02-01. Jurisdiction. <br />Section 20-02-02. Adoption of rules. <br />Division 2. Enforcement. <br />Section 20-02-21. General provisions. <br />Section 20-02-22. Administrative enforcement. <br />Section 20-02-23. Criminal Enforcement. <br />Article 3. Disposal Requirements. <br />Section 20-03-01. Disposal of solid waste. <br />Section 20-03-02. Permit required for solid waste disposal. <br />Section 20-03-03. Prohibition; disposition of abandoned or derelict vehicles. <br />Section 20-03-04. Salvage of solid waste restricted. <br />Section 20-03-05. Unauthorized persons entering SWD facilities. <br />Article 4. Solid Waste Fees. <br />Section 20-04-01. Disposal fees. <br />Section 20-04-02. Collection of fees. <br />Section 20-04-03. Solid waste fund designation. <br />Section 20-04-04. Fee schedule. <br />Article 5. Polystyrene Foam Food Container and <br />Food Service Ware Reduction. <br />Section 20-05-01. Prohibition. <br />Section 20-05-02. Use of recyclable or compostable food service ware required. <br />Section 20-05-03. Exemptions. <br />SUPP. 9 (1-2021) <br />i <br /> <br />