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County of Hawai i, Department of Parks and Recreation, Elderly Activities Division, Elderly Recreation Services <br />Kamana Senior Center — 127 Kamana Street, Rm 1 — Hilo, HI 96720 Phone: (808) 961-8710 — Fax: (808) 961-8921 <br />Kamana Senior Center Summer Schedule <br />`V July 10 —September 17, 2023 (10 Weeks) .�' <br />DAY & CLASS � TIME LOCATION INSTRUCTOR <br />MONDAY - 9 Sessions (July 10 - September 11, 2023) <br />Toning *See relocation listingpg_5 07:30A-08:30A Carvalho Gym F Elarionoff <br />FEE <br />$10 <br />Patchwork Quilt Lab <br />08:OOA-11:30A <br />Room 2 <br />N Okinishi <br />$20 <br />First Timers Line Dance <br />08:45A-10:15A <br />RR <br />A Yonamine <br />$10 <br />Creative Gardening <br />09:OOA-10:OOA <br />Patio <br />S Nemeth <br />$10 <br />Beginning Oigong *Starts 7/17 <br />09:OOA-10:OOA <br />AB <br />B Klein <br />$10 <br />Creative Gardening <br />10:15A-11:15A <br />Patio <br />S Nemeth <br />$10 <br />Chair/Beginning Rhythm & Life <br />10:45A-12:15P <br />RR <br />June, Lenore & Ginger <br />$10 <br />Japanese Dance <br />11:00A-12:00P <br />AB <br />D Takimoto <br />$10 <br />Beginning Lauhala Weaving <br />11:45A-01:15P <br />Patio <br />T Billian <br />$10 <br />Conversational Japanese for Beginners I *No New students 12:OOP-01:OOP <br />Room 2 <br />J Skyles-Kaipo <br />$10 <br />Karaoke 1 <br />01:OOP-04:OOP <br />RR <br />L Medeiros <br />$20 <br />Introduction to Ikebana *No Class Summer & Fall <br />01:OOP-03:30P <br />AB <br />N Locke <br />$20 <br />Basic Photography *Time Change <br />01:30P-02:30P <br />Room 2 <br />L Schechtman <br />$10 <br />Warrior Workout (Hula) <br />05:OOP-06:30P <br />RR <br />M Canario <br />$10 <br />TUESDAY - 10 Sessions (July 11 - September 12, 2023) <br />Local Vocals <br />08:15A-09:30A <br />AB <br />B Aceret <br />$10 <br />Tai Chi Yang Style 24 and 88 *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />08:30A-10:OOA <br />Carvalho Gym <br />M McKenney <br />$10 <br />Advanced Tai Chi *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />08:30A-09:45A <br />Panaewa Gym <br />F Elarionoff <br />$10 <br />Chair Exercise <br />08:30A-09:30A <br />RR <br />H Rocha <br />$10 <br />Lauhala Weaving & Lab *Non -Instructional <br />09:OOA-12:OOP <br />Patio <br />Non -Instructional <br />$20 <br />Stitch & Sew, Anything Goes (Sewing) <br />09:30A-12:30P <br />Room 2 <br />B Leialoha <br />$20 <br />Intermediate Tai Chi *See relocation listingpg_5 <br />09:55A-10:55A <br />Panaewa Gym <br />F Elarionoff <br />$10 <br />Yoga Blend <br />10:OOA-11:OOA <br />Waiakea Rec Center <br />B Cole -Schwartz <br />$10 <br />Functional Mobility & Flexibility Training (Chair) *NEW <br />10:OOA-11:OOA <br />RR <br />M Timboy <br />$10 <br />Ukulele for Fun <br />10:OOA-11:30A <br />Wong Baseball Stadium <br />C Enoki <br />$10 <br />Intermediate Music Keyboard <br />10:OOA-11:15A <br />AB <br />B Aceret <br />$10 <br />Advanced Mindfulness Meditation *See relocation listing pg5 <br />10:30A-11:30A <br />Carvalho Gym <br />D Imagire <br />$10 <br />First Timers/Beginning Tai Chi *See relocation listing pj�.5 <br />11:00A-12:00P <br />Panaewa Gym <br />F Elarionoff <br />$10 <br />Chair Yoga <br />11:30A-12:30P <br />RR <br />S Goldman <br />$10 <br />Beg. Music Keyboard *Must have own keyboard <br />12:15P-01:30P <br />AB <br />B Aceret <br />$10 <br />Beginning Guitar *No Class Summer <br />01:OOP-02:OOP <br />RR <br />R Peralta <br />$10 <br />Knitting & Crochet Lab <br />01:OOP-02:OOP <br />Room 2 <br />J Tassillio <br />$10 <br />Hand Building Ceramics *No New Students <br />01:OOP-03:OOP <br />Patio <br />P Hatanaka <br />$20 <br />Art Circles, Painting for Pleasure <br />02:OOP-04:OOP <br />AB <br />B Mandoe <br />$20 <br />Senior Lecturers *No Class Summer <br />02:45P-04:OOP <br />RR <br />Various <br />$10 <br />Beginning Hula <br />05:OOP-06:30P <br />RR <br />M Canario <br />$10 <br />