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County of Hawai'i, Department of Parks and Recreation, Elderly Activities Division, Elderly Recreation Services <br />Elderly Recreation Services - Puna / Ka'u District <br />Keaau Senior Center Summer Quarter Schedule <br />July 10- Sept 15, 2023 (10 Weeks) <br />Program Director: Cherlyn Koizumi <br />Phone: (808) 966-5801 <br />KEAAU COMMUNITY CENTER- 16-186 Pili Mua Street Keaau HI, 96749 <br />CLASS & DAY <br />RM. <br />TIME <br />INSTRUCTOR <br />COST <br />Monday <br />SEWING <br />A <br />8:30A - 11:30A <br />M. <br />MIYAZAWA <br />$ <br />20 <br />LINE DANCING (Beg. Improver) <br />B <br />10:OOA - 11:30A <br />J. <br />ALLEN <br />$ <br />10 <br />ZUMBA** <br />B <br />12:15P - 1:15P <br />M. <br />BARRERE <br />$ <br />10 <br />ACRYLIC PAINTING <br />A <br />12:OOP - 2:OOP <br />J. <br />TASSILLIO <br />$ <br />20 <br />CERAMICS 201 <br />LANAI <br />1:OOP - 4:OOP <br />P. <br />VERES <br />$ <br />20 <br />Tuesday <br />EMBROIDERY(Noninstructional) <br />B <br />8:30A-10:OOA <br />S. <br />HIRATA <br />$ <br />10 <br />SEWING <br />A <br />9:OOA-12:OOP <br />K. <br />LILLEENG <br />$ <br />20 <br />BONSAI <br />LANAI <br />10:OOA - 12:OOP <br />B. <br />NEWTON <br />$ <br />20 <br />YOGA (Hatha Style) <br />B <br />10:45A - 12:OOP <br />M. <br />MIYAZAWA <br />$ <br />10 <br />LINE DANCING (Beginner) <br />B <br />12:30P - 1:30P <br />B. <br />SHIFLETT <br />$ <br />10 <br />INTRO TO WATERCOLOR <br />A <br />12:15P - 2:15P <br />S. <br />LEN <br />$ <br />20 <br />LINE DANCING (Inter) <br />B <br />1:45P - 2:45P <br />B. <br />SHIFLETT <br />$ <br />10 <br />TAP DANCING <br />B <br />3:OOP - 4:OOP <br />C. <br />AUE <br />$ <br />10 <br />Wednesday <br />FEATHER LEI <br />B <br />8:OOA - 11:30A <br />P. <br />JOHNSON <br />$ <br />20 <br />CERAMICS 101 <br />LANAI <br />11:OOA - 2:OOP <br />P. <br />VERES <br />$ <br />20 <br />CREATIVE WRITING <br />A <br />11:OOA - 1:OOP <br />K. <br />CHAMBERS <br />$ <br />20 <br />ZUMBA AEROBICS/ STEP AEROBICS <br />B <br />12:OOP - 1:OOP <br />Y. <br />NAKAMURA <br />$ <br />10 <br />AEROBICS <br />B <br />5:OOP - 6:OOP <br />K. <br />EMMANUEL <br />$ <br />10 <br />Thursday <br />QI GONG <br />B <br />8:45A - 9:45A <br />M.L. WONG-GARY <br />$ <br />10 <br />UKULELE (Beginner) <br />A <br />9:15A - 10:15A <br />N. <br />AKIOKA-SARONG <br />$ <br />10 <br />MEDITATION FOR LIFE <br />B <br />10:OOA - 11:OOA <br />L. <br />BERGKNUT <br />$ <br />10 <br />UKULELE (Inter) <br />A <br />10:15A - 11:15A <br />N. <br />AKIOKA-SARONG <br />$ <br />10 <br />KNITTING (Beginner) <br />A <br />11:30A - 12:30P <br />F. <br />BURKHARDT <br />$ <br />10 <br />WORLD TRADITIONS <br />A <br />1:OOP - 3:OOP <br />K. <br />CHAMBERS <br />$ <br />20 <br />TAP DANCING <br />B <br />1:OOP - 2:OOP <br />C. <br />AUE <br />$ <br />10 <br />HULA <br />B <br />5:OOP - 6:30P <br />I. <br />WOO-O'BRIEN <br />$ <br />10 <br />YOGA CHAIR <br />B <br />9:OOA - 10:OOA <br />B. <br />JONES <br />$ <br />10 <br />CERAMICS (Noninstructional) <br />LANAI <br />9:30A - 11:30A <br />P. <br />CUTBURTH <br />$ <br />20 <br />YOGA GENTLE -STRETCH <br />B <br />10:15A - 11:15A <br />B. <br />JONES <br />$ <br />10 <br />KARAOKE <br />A <br />11:30A - 1:30P <br />T. <br />NORRBOM <br />$ <br />20 <br />PAHOA SENIOR CENTER- 15-3016 Kauhale Street Pahoa HI, 96778 <br />CLASS <br />DAY <br />TIME <br />INSTRUCTOR <br />COST <br />ZUMBA <br />TUESDAY <br />8:45A - 9:45A <br />L. WALTERS <br />$ <br />10 <br />CERAMICS <br />TUESDAY <br />10:OOA - 12:OOP <br />D. STONE <br />$ <br />20 <br />HULA <br />TUESDAY <br />5:OOP - 6:30P <br />I. WOO-O'BRIEN <br />$ <br />10 <br />BONSAI (Noninstructional) <br />WEDNESDAY <br />8:30A - 10:30A <br />S. PAULSEN <br />$ <br />20 <br />FEATHER LEI <br />THURSDAY <br />8:OOA - 11:30A <br />R. BEEBE <br />$ <br />20 <br />LINE DANCING (Intermediate) <br />THURSDAY <br />12:30P - 2:OOP <br />D&B SHIFLETT <br />$ <br />10 <br />UKULELE (Beginner) <br />FRI DAY <br />10:OOA-11:OOA <br />N. AKIOKA-SARONG <br />$ <br />10 <br />UKULELE (Inter) <br />FRI DAY <br />11:15A-12:15P <br />N. AKIOKA-SARONG <br />$ <br />10 <br />LINE DANCING (Beginner) <br />FRI DAY <br />12:30P - 1:30P <br />D&B SHIFLETT <br />$ <br />10 <br />LINE DANCING (Inter) <br />FRI DAY <br />1:45P - 2:45P <br />D&B SHIFLETT <br />$ <br />10 <br />No classes: August 18, 2023 (Admissions Day) & September 4, 2023 (Labor Day) <br />**CLASS WILL START ON JULY 17 <br />TURN OVER FOR MORE CLASSES -----------------> <br />