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Hawaii County Council-38 May 4,2022 <br /> INVOCATION Father Jarek Skrzypek of St. Michael's Catholic Church <br /> CALL TO ORDER 9:02 a.m. <br /> ROLL CALL <br /> PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> PETITIONS, MEMORIALS, CERTIFICATES OF MERIT, AND EXPRESSIONS OF <br /> CONDOLENCE <br /> STATEMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC ON AGENDA ITEMS <br /> (NOTE. COUNCIL MAY TAKE A LUNCH BREAK CLOSE TO THE NOON DOUR) <br /> ORDER OF RESOLUTIONS <br /> Res. 363-22: AUTHORIZES A DECREASE IN THE COUNTY OF HAWAII FUEL TAX <br /> Reduces the County of Hawaii fuel tax for diesel on-highway and gasoline on- <br /> highway fuels from 23 cents per gallon to 13 cents per gallon. <br /> Reference: Comm. 708 <br /> Intr. by: Mr. Kaneali`i-Kleinfelder <br /> Negative: FC-133 (Due to a vote of 3-ayes, 5-noes, <br /> 1-absent) <br /> Public Hearing: April 19, 2022 <br /> Postponed: April 20, 2022 <br /> (Note: There is a motion by Mr. Kaneali`i-Kleinfelder, seconded by Mr. Inaba, to <br /> adopt Res. 363-22.) <br /> AMENDED TO DRAFT 2 AND FAILED: <br /> Ayes: Council Members Inaba, Kaneali`i-Kleinfelder, Villegas, <br /> and Chair David—4. <br /> Noes: Council Members Chung, Kimball, Lee Loy, and Richards —4. <br /> Absent: Council Member Kierkiewicz— 1. <br /> Excused: None. <br /> ; and <br /> Comm. 708.5: From Council Member Susan L. K. Lee Loy, dated April 26, 2022, transmitting <br /> informational material relating to Res. 363-22. <br /> Page 2 <br />